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Brighton Journal | 7th April 2020

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Skaters say Police at The Level has made huge ‘difference’ to area

Skaters say Police at The Level has made huge ‘difference’ to area
Hannah Midgley

An increase of police appearances at The Level in Brighton has transformed the area for many people using the skatepark.


With recent issues surrounding drugs, anti-social behaviour, and threats of violence, one skater claimed the police stationed in the area has made it a much safer place.


One regular skatepark user said: “While it did take a long time for this to happen, well done and thank you from all the normal level users; you’ve hit the nail right on the head.”


In October, it was widely reported around Brighton and Hove how drug dealers recruited children to sell drugs from The Level.


Brighton and Hove Chief Inspector Rachel Swinney said: “Since the mobile police unit was set up there last month, we have seen a significant fall in the number of people dealing drugs at The Level which is reflected in the number of low arrests there – just two for possession with intent to supply cannabis.”


Police prevention teams have a huge part to play in putting an end to crime taking place in the local area.


Inspector Swinney added: “The information we receive from our local community is absolutely vital in helping us to build a picture about what is going on in that area and we want to hear from anyone if they are concerned about they see and hear.”


The police will continue place officers on patrol the area to cut down levels of crime, claiming increased council tax facilitates their increased activity.


If you see any suspicious behaviour or drug deals around Brighton and Hove, report it on the Sussex Police website.


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