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Brighton Journal | 30th March 2020

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Ready, Steady, Go ! Time To Get Out Your Bike And Go For A Ride !

Ready, Steady, Go ! Time To Get Out Your Bike And Go For A Ride !
Hannah Midgley

Summertime is bike time! So get that bike out of that shed it has been sitting in all winter long, dust it off, check the tyres and off you go! With South Downs national park just knocking on its back door and the seafront in its front yard, Brighton is a great place for cycling.

Have you ever cycled along the coast to get to the iconic Seven Sisters? Ever climbed famous Devil’s Dyke on your mountain bike? There are so many cycle routes around Brighton that are just waiting to be explored and to take your breath away with their stunning views (and sometimes with their steep hills).

We have compiled a list of some of the best and most iconic cycle routes around Brighton.

Credit @ Laura Bohrer.

Credit @ Laura Bohrer.

Just nice and flat with a breeze of the sea!

When you go out on your bike for the first time, the last thing you want is to overdo it. The Undercliff Cycle Path is the perfect route to get you started. Totally flat and even, it links Brighton Marina and Saltdean.

You can also start at Brighton Pier and cycle along Madeira Drive before continuing on the Undercliff Path. As you are already out there and on your way, why not make it a nice day out with the family, stopping for a coffee or tea at one of the little cafes on the way and taking a stroll through historic Rottingdean as you go past?

4,7 miles one way. Flat.

Picture taken from here.

Cycle through tree avenues in Stanmer Park. Picture taken from here.

Cycling in the green

If cycling along the seafront isn’t what you are looking for, then check out this route. Again starting off at Brighton Pier, head up North taking the new urban bike route leading up to Stanmer Park.

Take time to explore the Park and sit down and relax a little bit before you continue your ride heading towards the campus of Sussex University and then towards Woddingdean passing through South Downs National Park.

The trail leads you around Woddingdean all the way down to Brighton Marina. After such a ride, a cool drink and a relaxed dinner is all it takes to make that day complete.

Roughly 13 miles starting and ending at Brighton Pier. Mix of flat stretches and moderate hills.

What a stunning view to reward your cycling effort. Picture taken from here.

What a stunning view to reward your cycling effort. Picture taken from here.

All the way down to the Seven Sisters

This one is for all the coast lovers among you. Along this route, you will get plenty of iconic sea views and pass through cute little coastal towns where you can stop to have a look around or simply grab a drink at the local pub. It is a long way to go but the views are worth it.

Kicking off at Brighton Pier, cycle along the seafront passing through Brighton Marina, Rottingdean, Saltdean, and Peacehaven before reaching Newhaven. Take a break and watch the big cargo ships arriving in Newhaven port before getting back on your bike to continue towards Seaford with its lovely seafront area.

Having passed Seaford, follow the signs for the Seven Sisters that will lead you to the Country Park from where you can soak in the breathtaking views on this iconic cliff formation.

Too tired to go all the way back into Brighton? Here’s good news for you. You only need to make it back to Seaford to catch the train from there.

Approximately 16 miles, one way. Quite some climbs you have to face on the way.

South Downs National Park. Green fields, hills and a little feeling of remoteness.

South Downs National Park. Green fields, rolling hills and a little feeling of remoteness. Credit @ Laura Bohrer.

A date with the devil – mountain biking in the South Downs and Devil’s Dyke

Make sure you are really fit enough on your bike before you venture out into the South Downs. Take a deep breath, look at the sea one last time and then start off from Brighton Pier towards London Road and continue North.

Leave the city behind you and enter mountain biking grounds in direction Devil’s Dyke. Passing through this nearly a mile long valley, you can enjoy amazing views over open green fields before making your way down through the rolling hills of South Downs back towards Brighton.

Roughly 14,8 miles round trip (all the way back to Brighton Pier). The worst climb is right at the beginning when you head towards Devil’s Dyke.


A day off, some nice weather and a decent bike. That’s all it takes for a great day out. Of course, you don’t have to wait for your next day off to come around the corner. If the weather is nice, why not cycle to work and get some fresh air into these lungs before being stuck in the office all day long?

For more information on cycle routes in and around Brighton and detailed route maps click here.

Happy cycling!

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