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| May 24, 2019

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All the recycling bins get picked up except yours? Here’s why

All the recycling bins get picked up except yours? Here’s why
Carlotta D'itria

As of today, over 80% of properties across Brighton & Hove receive a recycling collection; with every recycling crew collecting a total of around 12,000 properties every day. However, recycling can be tricky and exhausting if you don’t know what to do. We get confused with why not all plastic can go in, can’t sleep because we’re not sure if the bins should be out or not and sometimes we keep empty batteries because it’s just too stressful to get rid of them. To solve our collective recycling stupidity, here’s our guide on how to recycle in Brighton.

What can you recycle?

  • cans, tins – washed and empty
  • aerosols – empty with lids removed
  • cardboard – flattened to fit in box
  • paper – including directories and windowed envelopes
  • plastic bottles – washed and squashed, with lids removed

Remember to separate:

  • glass bottles and jars – washed, with lids removed
  • household batteries – in a clear bag, by or on top of your box

Where should you put your recycling?

It should be divided into two boxes; the first containing plastic bottles, tin cans, cardboard and paper all mixed together, and the second containing glass only.

Cardboard must be cut to a size that will fit into one of the black boxes.

Plastic bottles – such as drink, washing up liquid and shampoo bottles – are the only kind of plastic acceptable.

Household batteries, which need to be placed in a clear bag and placed on top of the box.

Aerosol cans, empty and with lids removed, need to be placed into the box containing plastic bottles, tin cans, paper and cardboard.

What cannot be recycled?

  • Food
  • Drink ‘tetra-pak’ cartons (they can be taken to a communal recycling bank and placed into the appropriate bin)
  • Heavier metals (saucepans, baking trays etc..)
  • Plastic food packaging

How and when to place your black box ready for collection?

All waste should be contained in a bin, and absolutely no refuse should be put into your black recycling box as it will only be left behind. Moreover, recyclable materials should be cleaned before being thrown out.

Place your box ready for collection on your designated day (you can find it here). The box will need to be placed on the front edge of your property the night before your day of collection or by 6am on the day.

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