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| November 14, 2018

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Resist-Reclaim-Liberate: The Empowering Exhibition at The Bee’s Mouth

Resist-Reclaim-Liberate: The Empowering Exhibition at The Bee’s Mouth
Georgia Kolakowski

This Sunday, for one evening only, we highly recommend you head down to The Bee’s Mouth on Western Road in Hove. Resist-Reclaim-Liberate has been developed by two local art students in collaboration with local arts promoter Sublime. The event is focussed on sensual freedom and body positivity whilst raising awareness about the cultural double standards that dictate women be ‘pure’ and conservative but also sexy and submissive to male desire. The themes of the exhibition are closely related to the #stillnotaskingforit movement. The movement began from Australian artist Rory Banwell’s photography series of the same name. She photographed women and men standing naked and exposed with tape covering their nipples and plain black underwear. When the project first came out in 2016 Banwell spoke to Mashable on the photo series and said that after the birth of her baby girl “we were so disappointed that people’s initial reactions were that we would need to protect her, purely because of her gender…we can do better and we should do better. For ourselves and for our children. I don’t want my child growing up in a society that accepts sexual violence, accepts the statistics and won’t do anything about it.”  It is with this ethos that Oli Carter Hopkins and Georgia Balson have approached and produced ‘Resist-Reclaim-Liberate’.

THIRSTY, it’s Friday stay hydrated

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The event is free but will be accepting donations on the door for RISE UK. It all kicks off at 5:30pm and will run until around 10pm. It’s a one-night event so make sure to get down early to take everything in. There will be a short film screening of ‘COME FUCKING TOGETHER’, art and poetry by Kimberly Gardiner and art from Oli Carter Hopkins AKA Sublime AKA mouthulcers. Music will be stripped back acoustic sets from local talents, Dr Brian’s Magic Gong Salad, La Plage and De La Chambre.

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We spoke to Oli and Georgia to find out how they resist, reclaim and liberate within their own lives and what to expect at the exhibition.

Why is resisting the censorship of female sexuality important to you?

Georgia M Balson: Any kind of personal censorship is damaging, women shouldn’t be ashamed to express any part of themselves, be it sexuality, intelligence or the ability to eat an XL pizza in one sitting solo

Oli Carter Hopkins: Sexuality should be celebrated and not shamed.


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How do you reclaim your right to express yourself for yourself?

GMB: Push whatever you love about yourself forwards, without limiting yourself to what you think is expected of you.

OCH: Make sure you’re happiness is priority, a soon as your happy expressing your self for yourself is the only way to it!

Do you actively liberate your femininity ?

GMB: I feel like I’m actively in control of what femininity means to me, and how much of it I feel like I want or need!

OCH: Just as Georgia said, femininity can mean lots of things to different people. If i’m in my painting joggers, with a shaved head and smell like a sewer i am still feminine.

What themes are frequently in your work that relate to the exhibition ?

GMB: Weird, weird shit. And lots of nudity

OCH: Animal crossing, crying loads and being sexy

Head down to the exhibition on Sunday and if you want to stay up to date with the timings of everything check their Facebook event page.

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