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| January 17, 2019

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Savvy Space Saving Ideas For Your Home

Savvy Space Saving Ideas For Your Home
Elin Arnar

Storage firm, Ready Steady Store will be opening their 10th storage unit in Shoreham-by-Sea this January – giving residents of this seaside town the extra space they so desperately need. These units have grown in popularity over the last few years, particularly as rising house prices have meant that many homeowners settle for a property much smaller than they would prefer. Storage facilities are an affordable way of finding more space, and with the units situated in the centre of town with 24 hour access, getting hold of your belongings is almost as easy as if they were still in your garage. Ahead of their big move to the town, Ready Steady Store have provided the following savvy space saving ideas for your home:


Picture by picture by ® irgeorge llanes pecore

Use a storage unit: Obviously the first thing you might want to consider is moving the items that are cluttering up your home into a storage unit. Start by having a clear out by identifying the things you definitely don’t want anymore. These can be thrown out, given to charity or sold. Now, consider the items that you don’t use on a day-to-day basis, but don’t want to get rid of – these things can be put into a storage unit.

Invest in multi-functional and foldaway furniture: Your furniture takes up a huge amount of space around the home, but you can’t get rid of it. Where would you eat dinner, sleep or sit to watch TV otherwise? What you could do instead is swap your current items for those that fold away, have extra storage or are multi-functional. In your bedroom, for example, an ottoman bed opens up to reveal hidden space that can be used for anything you wish, from clothing to spare bedding. Meanwhile in the kid’s room, a high sleeper makes use of the wasted space above traditional beds and comes with built-in desks, sofa beds, or wardrobes underneath.

Use dead space: Talking of wasted space – there is so much of it in our homes. Dead space are areas that are just sitting there without a use, such as the air space above our doors. Perhaps you aren’t using it because you didn’t think it was possible, but, there is always a way. Take the space above the door in the bathroom, for example: place a shelf here and you can use that for anything from clean towels to spare toiletries.

Picture by charlotte holmes

Picture by charlotte holmes

Think outside the box: There are so many quirky storage hacks out there. Get to learn what they are, and you’ll find storage in places you never thought possible, using items you may not have considered. How about artwork, for example? Whether you’ve bought some or created it yourself, it’s possible to invest in canvases that open up to reveal hidden storage hooks. Or, you could go about it a little more simplistically, hanging plastic baskets with adhesive hooks on the back of cabinet doors, for example.

Finding space in your home is much easier than you may think, particularly if you have the opportunity to remove a large amount of your belongings in one go. Think about putting a few things into storage, if only to make some room while you sort through the things you know you don’t want anymore.

Written by Naomi Webb

Featured image by Ron Frazier

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