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| December 10, 2018

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Sherlock Holmes…A Murderer?

Sherlock Holmes…A Murderer?
Laura Bohrer

In the normal version of the stories of England’s most famous detective, Sherlock Holmes is the one to solve the mystery around a murder and to track down those who have committed it. But what if this time, the killer is no other than Holmes himself?

Bristol-based Tobacco Tea Theatre Company offer their very own satirical and funny version of the adventures of the mastermind detective and his loyal companion Watson. Specialized in social satires, the company creates what they call “comedy that matters”. No wonder that they will also take on issues such as a wave of global terror which is brought over the world by Moriarty’s thirst for new detective fiction!

Credit @ Tobacco Tea Theatre Company.

Credit @ Tobacco Tea Theatre Company.

In their play ‘The Accidental Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes’, the famous detective is confronted with a crime solving task that is more difficult than ever, investigating a murder he has committed himself! It’s the third year that they are performing at Brighton Fringe, entertaining the audience with their twisted logic and unforeseen plot twists.

But how is it possible that he unknowingly murdered his client? Is there a link to Watson’s rent that needs to be paid? Is there a narrative genius this complicated and twisted case?

Tobacco Tea will make you find out when their very own female Sherlock Holmes, played by Jasmine Atkins-Smart, goes on stage in this witty and absurd murder investigation!

‘The Accidental Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes’ will be on at The Warren from Thursday 1 June until Sunday 4 June at 6 pm. Tickets are on sale here.


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