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| December 10, 2018

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Sling Swing Has Arrived to Brighton

Sling Swing Has Arrived to Brighton
Holly Martin

These days, it seems that there are so many new trends and fads that it’s very difficult to keep up. However, Sling Swing appears to be more than just a trend. Described as ‘fun and swinging dance and gentle movement classes for mums and dads with their little ones in slings and baby carriers’, Sling Swing is proving extremely popular with mums, dads and carers alike. Set to music ranging from pop to Swing to the Charleston, the Sling Swing classes aimed at having fun in a friendly, musical environment, and gives parents and carers a real chance to bond with their baby. All Sling Swing teachers are qualified and have completed training with Sling Swing.

The benefits? It builds intimacy and trust between parent and child, introduces music and stimulates your baby’s mind, and it boosts your confidence and increases energy levels. You can start taking your child from six weeks and they have spare slings and carriers available if you do not have one yourself. We are lucky enough to have our very own Sling Swing classes here in Brighton and Hove. Classes are on hold at the minute due to maternity leave, however, it is hoped that classes will be up and running by January. You can find out more about the Brighton classes here.


You can also start up your own Sling Swing franchise if you have already been to some before and want to get involved. You will receive thorough training and take part in workshops on baby wearing health and safety and health safety in relation to the classes delivered by a fully qualified pre and post-natal fitness trainer. You can find out more here.

Holly Martin

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