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Brighton Journal | July 16, 2019

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Snow arrives in Brighton

Snow arrives in Brighton
Lorraine Bigi

We’ve been patiently waiting for it, and it might not last long, but snow finally arrived in Brighton last night!

As the city and its surrounding area get covered with a thin, white layer, many residents have been busy with their phones and cameras capturing this exciting moment.

From countryside panoramas to happy puppies, here are the best pictures we have found online.

Gina Crees on Facebook

On this sunny, crisp Wednesday morning, Hollingbury woods look even better covered in snow!

Snow does not come without inconveniences, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate it!

It doesn’t feel as painful waking up early when the view outside looks like this!

@thewrightone2019 took some beautiful close-up shots of the snow and ice at Foredown Tower in Portslade.

And of course we could not end this article without some pictures of dogs in the snow!

Sarah, a dog portrait painter, took this lovely picture of her Portuguese dog, Lila while on a walk this morning.

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