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| October 23, 2018

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Spooky Short Stories: IN MY ROOM by Buffy1973

Spooky Short Stories: IN MY ROOM by Buffy1973
Andrew O'Connor

My sister Penny was always afraid of the upstairs at our house she never went up there at night.

Our main conversation every night went something like this ;

Penny: Buffy go upstairs and find me my white sweater, black jeans and leather jacket. (The clothing items would change from night to night but I was always asked to get her things). But she would not go up without an adult after dark.

Me: Why can’t you go get them. Penny: Because something is up there Me: I sleep up there nothing has happened to me. Penny: Just wait someday it will.

Ok I will admit it is creepy as hell up there. I will give you the layout there are two rooms that lead into each other ( no hallway) and there is an attic above and one on each side. The house is well over 100 years old and there is a banister over the stairs but it is closed off by a door.

I remember Penny coming home from dates and before she would take her boyfriend upstairs she would send him up with a flashlight to check the closets and under the beds ( even though I was in one of those beds).

Once when our mother asked her why she would not sleep upstairs in her room she rattled off numerous reasons: Penny: You can see small lights come out of the closet. And you can hear footsteps and heavy breathing in the attics and there is always a sense of being watched a little too closely. Me: That is ridiculous, I have never seen anything or heard anything ( you should stop letting her sleep on the couch every night.) Mom: She’s ok she can sleep where she wants. She’s not hurting anything. ( I think my mom knew but since nothing was bothering me at the time she overlooked it, better to have one daughter on the couch then 2).

I even took this problem to my dad being as he was always on my side and mom seemed that she was always on Pennys side.

Eventually my sister got married and moved out when she was 18 and I was 11.

Then I guess the ghost or whatever thought it was my turn. My experience: – the attics I would hear stomping and it was not in just one attic it was all 3. – There were whispers in the closet like two children having a conversation. The conversations I overheard were from talking about dolls sometimes they were trying to figure out what happened to someone named uncle Doffie . And sometimes it sounded as if they were discussing how they could run away. ( I did not get a bad feeling from the girls in the closet.) – I was always being watched all day and all night and lived in a constant state of panic, when I was upstairs every nerve was on edge. – The worst thing was this big black shadow in the middle of the night asking were Penny was. The voice wasn’t the voice of a kid it sounded like it came from someone who smoked 4 packs a day for 50 years. The black shadow asked after my sister 6 times every night. When I would not answer out of fear. The shadow would throw things at me .(books, figurines, even pictures)

Then it was my turn to sleep on the couch. And then I understood my sister. It wasn’t an excuse she actually heard these things. I never understood why I didn’t until after Penny moved out and I was bullied by this ghost or whatever.

That’s what this entity was , a bully something that always had to have power over us the young powerless sisters that lived in the home.

Fast forward 2 years after Penny was gone she had her own home. My oldest sister Jeanie couldn’t afford the house she was renting due to being in the middle of a divorce, brought her 3 kids and moved in with us. Jennifer which was 5, Kevin who was 3 and Amanda who was 2. Which meant Jennifer would be staying with me and we were both expected to sleep upstairs.

We were woken up all the time by stomping and when Jennifer would start to cry from being scared I would tell her it was because the house was old and that’s what old homes did they settled at night. Exactly What my mom always told me when I heard odd noises in our home.

Jennifers 6th birthday rolls around and my mother buys her one of those creepy clown dolls you know the ones with a plastic head ,a wire body under its clown clothes and has the most insanely evil laugh.

That clown was always going off by itself at night never during the day. One night I decided I had had enough so I got out of bed and went over to take the batteries out. But when I opened the battery pack no batteries were inside. I told my mom and older sister but no one cared or they thought it was an over active imagination. Penny believed me.

So the next day I got up and threw it in the attic. But it would still go off. In the middle of the night.

Then one day I came home and the doll was out of the attic and sitting on the chair across from my bed. When I asked who put that there no one knew.

We ended up burning that doll. Penny came and burned sage in our home.

Now that I am grownup my kids who like to stay with my mom , always tells me about their thing being moved and their chargers being jerked from the wall.

But I still feel that it waits to this day for Penny to come home. Maybe because she feared it the most I don’t know. But I know that that bully brought me a lot closer to the sister whom I couldn’t possibly live without now.

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