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| December 12, 2018

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‘Storytelling’. Artists of the Week – Sabina Pieper and Steve Fricker

‘Storytelling’. Artists of the Week – Sabina Pieper and Steve Fricker
Louisa Streeting

The new exhibition, ‘Storytelling’, has opened at Kellie Miller Arts in the Laines, examining two artistic impressions of style and subject. This week, Brighton Journal explore the work of two artists: Sabina Pieper and Steve Fricker. Their pieces will be displayed until mid-October, each demonstrating their individualised projection of the exhibition’s themes: ‘narrative’ and ‘storytelling’.


Sabina Pieper with two of her paintings, focusing on Tudor portraiture and opulence.

After working previously as a manager of the graphics department in an investment bank, Sabina began dedicating her time to art just four of years ago. Although, the impact of her large, grandiose paintings would suggest the work of an artist with decades of experience behind them.


Sabina said: “I’ve always really liked the Tudor paintings, the opulence, the fabrics, and the amazing detail. I wanted to capture that but I found it quite difficult to have the right skill set to do it. I incorporated lots of techniques that the Tudors obviously didn’t use in order to express the opulence I was interested in.”


She added: “They’re just portraits of women, and I only ever exclusively paint women, and I like the idea of just painting female forms and them being quite feminine. The art world nowadays can be quite geometric and quite computer-based, so I find this is still very crafty.”


Curator and Gallery Director, Kellie Miller; and artist, Steve Fricker, in front of some of his paintings.

Chelsea School of Art graduate and political cartoonist, Steve Fricker, is the other artist featured at Kellie Miller Arts gallery.  Steve said: “I’ve always been interested in still life. I’m interested in objects and people’s relationship with objects, and I’ve taken that into narrative paintings. I think people’s fascination with objects start from when they’re children, and it stays with adults. From toy cars to real cars it’s a similar kind of relationship. They also date very quickly, something new and shiny very quickly becomes tarnished, a thing of the past.”


Steve explained how his socio-political focus still flows through his paintings today. Some of his work features a juxtaposition of uncertainty in a secure setting, like the home. “It’s very much about a kind of where we are politically and historically. It’s very uncertain times and I think that kind of runs through much of my work…Having a show like this is a focus, so it gives your work impetus, it can’t help but develop and be continued.”


Exhibition curator and director, Kellie Miller, focused on the concept of storytelling to invite artists to share their story through their artwork. Kellie said: “You’ve got several different layers – there’s the artist’s story, there’s my story and also there’s the story of the audience. I believe once the art is created it no longer belongs to the artist, so it’s what interpretations the viewer and I will make of that work.”


Kellie added: “I find Steve Fricker’s work is very imaginative. I feel that it’s got that sense of that feeling of the borrowers, they’re collecting, he likes objects, they’re collecting things. Likewise, with Sabina, she’s doing the same thing over a long period of time. She’s collecting imagery and putting it together, things she’s done from years back in sketchbooks. Then she’s bringing it all together into one image.”


Steve would like to nominate artist and painter, Carolyn Bew, for Artist of the Week with Brighton Journal.

‘Storytelling’ exhibition is open at Kellie Miller Arts until Monday 15th October, Mondays to Saturdays, 11am-6pm, Sundays 11am-5pm. 20 Market Street, Brighton BN1 1HH

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