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Brighton Journal | 28th January 2020

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Sunday Brighton Street Style

Sunday Brighton Street Style
Hannah Midgley
  • Sunday is known for being the day of rest. So we went on the hunt to discover whether the day of rest truly applies or even affects our fellow Brightonians fashion wise. It turns out that the prospect of a lazy Sunday does not entice everyone and Brighton was teaming with fashionable individuals. Here is the best of the rest...dogCarolyn is proving that your furry friends can be great company but also fabulous fashion accessories. Carolyn is an artist and paints for a living. Her fashion taste is derived from her own style and she owns a wide variety of clothing all from different eras that are constantly recycled. Caroline likes to buy her clothes from second hand shops but she also likes using Ebay. Her coat was a £30 bargain from Ebay and her black dress is from Cos. If you would like to check out some of Carolyn’s art then please click here.  
    girlJolie is looking glamorous in her faux fur coat. Jolie is a student at Sussex and is thoroughly enjoying her time in Brighton. She gets a lot of her style influences from people watching in Brighton. As a result she does not have any particular style icons but she does have a soft spot for vintage clothing with her favourite clothing era being the 1950’s and 1970’s. She buys a lot of her clothing online particularly from the app Depop and her whole outfit comes from there. For those of you who don’t know Depop is an innovative new app that allows you to swap, buy and sell clothes – perfect for you stylish bargain hunters!

DSC_1251Lawrence is successfully pulling off the 1980’s skinhead look. Lawrence gets a lot of his fashion influences from music particularly Ska and likes to base his style on the 1980’s punk look. He usually shops online by googling what he’s looking for and therefore does not have a favourite shop. Today’s outfit is from a variety of online shops, however his jeans are Levis. Lawrence also likes jewellery, his rings are from The Great Frog in Carnaby Street which is a quirky shop celebrated for its punk and rock style collections.
DSC_1264Sascha is wrapped up warm but still looking effortlessly chic. Having studied fashion at university and worked in Topshop for many years Sascha knows a lot about fashion and working different outfits. Today’s outfit comes from a variety of high street stores. Sascha’s  coat and hat are from Topshop, her jeans are from & Other Stories and her scarf is from H&M. Although Sascha shops in a lot of high street shops her favourite shops are Cos and & Other Stories as she likes high quality fabrics.

DSC_1288Milly is rocking an alternative look. Milly is a fashion designer and so creates and makes up her own style. She gets a lot of her fashion influences from music with her favourite genres being punk and metal. She tends to shop in a lot of vintage shops however she also hand makes a lot of her clothes. Milly bought her jacket from Ebay for £40 and even though it’s over 30 years old, it’s still going strong. In regards to clothing and getting the right look Milly advises that you should wear whatever you feel is the best representation of yourself!

james gloveJames is a well-known face in Brighton. James likes to shop locally in Brighton, visiting and browsing the shop Get Cutie in the Laines every day. He has a keen eye for unique fashion and deals and recently bought 2 pairs of gloves from Simon Carter reduced from £200 to £60. His boots are from a popular leather shop in Brighton but that is all that James will reveal as he likes to keep some of his style secrets to himself!

Photographs: Kamilah McInnis

Kamilah McInnis

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