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| November 22, 2018

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Super Easy and Quick Aubergine Lasagna

Super Easy and Quick Aubergine Lasagna
Elin Arnar

This is something I’ve been making for some years when I´m in the healthy mode and I’m too tired to cook. It tastes delicious and it´s easy to adjust to how healthy and organic you want it to be. Hardcore cooks make their own pesto but I just buy them from the store, so when I make this, the most effort goes into slicing the aubergine. But believe me if you have a good peeler or cheese cutter it is super quick, so here goes.


  • One aubergine
  • Green pesto
  • red sauce
  • Cheese
  • Parmesan

The aubergine is sliced into plates lengthways, then you line them on a baking dish in a nice role, put some green pesto on and then do another line on top of that where you put the red sauce on top and even it all out. Now you bake the lasagna in an oven for 5 – 15 minutes on 180°C, depending on the thickness of the aubergine slices. Then you put the cheese and the parmesan on top and bake until it’s golden brown. This dish tastes amazing with nice a salad.

Feature image by Frédérique Voisin-Demery

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