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Brighton Journal | 27th January 2020

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Supergran walks 120 miles non-stop for charity

Supergran walks 120 miles non-stop for charity
Georgia Keetch

67-year-old supergran Serena Queeney from Suffolk walked for two straight days and nights with no rest on her mission to raise money for vulnerable and neglected dogs. The volunteer ran charity, K-9 Angels, is the reason Serena chose to take on the epic challenge.

The keen walker spent 48 hours with no sleep to compete her walk, that started on Saturday at 1:30pm and finished Monday at 11:55am.

Serena has spent a lot of time in the city, so decided to do her fundraiser here as she loves the culture and openness of Brighton. This is the most she has ever walked and has raised over £1,600 for the dog centred-charity.

Serena was given food from the homeless community in Brighton.

She credits her love for dogs as her inspiration, but also says that her healthy habits has been a huge factor in her active lifestyle. Speaking to the Argus, she said that her vegan diet has helped build up her stamina for the mammoth task.

On her donation page, which is linked below, she has said that the charity, K-9 Angels, is close to her heart as she adopted her rescue dog,Frankie.

After rescuing my little dog Frankie, who means the world to me, i wanted to help dogs in anyway that i can. Im a keen walker but I’ve never walked 120 continuously before. We may be grans but we will do anything to help our four-legged friends!

Even though the walk has finished, the just giving page is still accepting donations. The charity is constantly doing work in aid of dogs, as they send food,shelter and medical help to dogs in appalling conditions.

Serena and her rescue pup, Frankie.


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