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| November 19, 2018

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Sussex Club Promoter Spared Jail After One-Punch Killing in Crete

Sussex Club Promoter Spared Jail After One-Punch Killing in Crete
Jack Mitchell-Charman
The event occurred during a drunken night in Crete.

A Sussex man has avoided jail following the death of an 18-year-old in Crete on 6th August 2015.

The West Sussex, Haywards Heath man was accused of killing the teen after an altercation at the towns main strip.

At 5am, Sebastian Trabucatti and Archie Lloyd clashed.

Lloyd, a student at Harrow, was celebrating the end of his A-Levels.

Lloyd provoked Trabucatti, remarking that “one day you will work for me.”

Trabucatti proceeded to punch Lloyd, knocking him to the ground. He afterwards also shoved Lloyd’s friend Andy Hutchinson to the ground.

Lloyd did not die immediately. In fact, he made it back to the bed at his villa.

Paramedics at the scene had also stated that Lloyd would be okay.

It took less than an hour at the trial on Tuesday at Heraklion for Trabucatti to be found guilty of first-degree manslaughter.

However, he has been spared immediate jail time and given a suspended four-year sentence.

Lloyd’s family were pleased by the verdict: “While nothing will bring Archie back, we are pleased that he was found guilty of the first-degree criminal offence of which he was accused.”

Trabucatti also spoke publicly for the first time about the event, claiming a lack of intent: “I never expected anything like this to ever happen.”

He also claims to have been intimated by Lloyd and Hutchinson: “I wasn’t angry, I was scared. There were two boys, they were massive. They came towards us and in our personal space. I felt threatened, threatened is probably a better word. They were shouting, swearing, coming close to us.

He alleged that he did not intend to injure Lloyd: “It was kind of a wake-up slap, on the left cheek. Like to say: ‘what are you doing?’ I slapped him, yes. But I don’t think my actions led to this. I could never have foreseen that.”

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