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| November 13, 2018

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Sussex Club Promoter Contests Unanimous Manslaughter Charge in Crete

Sussex Club Promoter Contests Unanimous Manslaughter Charge in Crete
Jack Mitchell-Charman
Sebastian Trabucatti attacked Archie Lloyd in Crete.

A Sussex man who was charged with first-degree manslaughter by a Greek court is to appeal against the charge.

Trabucatti, of Haywards Heath in West Sussex, killed 18-year-old student Archie Lloyd with a single punch during a night out in Crete.

However, 25-year-old Trabucatti feels that his 4-year suspended sentence is an injustice.

He stated that he was in fact provoked to hit Lloyd, with the Harrow student stating that: “one day you will work for me.”

Trabucatti claimed to have felt intimidated: “I wasn’t angry, I was scared. There were two boys, they were massive. They came towards us and in our personal space. I felt threatened, threatened is probably a better word. They were shouting, swearing, coming close to us.”

He also said that he had no intention of severely injuring Lloyd: “It was kind of a wake-up slap, on the left cheek. Like to say: ‘what are you doing?’ I slapped him, yes. But I don’t think my actions led to this. I could never have foreseen that.”

However, his testimony was not enough to escape without a sentence.

The family of Lloyd are frustrated and disappointed by Trabucatti’s unwillingness to receive the charge: “Sebastian Trabucatti chooses not to accept the unanimous verdict of the judges and jury and take responsibility for his actions”.

They also feel that he is manipulating “the leniency of the Greek legal system to take the case to appeal.”

Lloyd’s family clearly felt that this was a cut and dry case: “[The court] did not believe his testimony, which was proven to be false and inconsistent.”

It seemed that they had received closure.

However, the case, which began in 2015, could now go on for a further two years.

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