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Brighton Journal | 7th December 2019

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Artist of the Week Archives - Brighton Journal

Artist of the Week: Katie Walker

3rd August 2019 |

Our artist of the week this week is Katie Walker. Currently completing a Masters degree at Cambridge art school, Katie specialises predominantly in animal illustrations. This artist always felt a connection with animals and takes interest in the current … Read More

Artist of the Week: Danika McElroy

29th June 2019 |

This week, Brighton Journal had the pleasure of chatting with Brighton based artist Danika McElroy. Danika’s unique pieces of art are created predominantly with watercolour, resulting in vividly striking scenes. Her cosmic art portrays a much deeper concept relating … Read More

“It’s the passion to inspire other people that keeps me practising every day.” Artist of the Week: Beatrice von Preussen

22nd December 2018 |

This week, we spoke to Beatrice von Preussen, the artist creating the perfect connections between art, science, and nature.

Art offers many opportunities for interdisciplinary moments. Artist and enthusiast of the natural world, Beatrice von Preussen, realises this potential in … Read More

“I realised I needed to step away as my own artist.” Artist of the Week – JonPaul McCarthy

3rd November 2018 |

Ex-professional footballer turned artist, Jon-Paul McCarthy, discusses the transition from traditional to digital art, working with Disney, and his favourite place in Brighton.


Artist of the Week at Brighton Journal allows us to explore a diverse range of talents … Read More

“I tend to try and look forward”. Artist of the Week – Tony Parsons

27th October 2018 |

Today’s edition of Brighton Journal’s Artist of the Week explores the life and artwork of the fine artist, Tony Parsons. Tony’s artwork specialises in encapsulating the outdoors, impressionist figurative life work, and landscape paintings.


Tony was born and grew … Read More

‘Storytelling’. Artists of the Week – Sabina Pieper and Steve Fricker

6th October 2018 |

The new exhibition, ‘Storytelling’, has opened at Kellie Miller Arts in the Laines, examining two artistic impressions of style and subject. This week, Brighton Journal explore the work of two artists: Sabina Pieper and Steve Fricker. Their pieces will be displayed … Read More

Rory O’Neill on his anxiety, Punk and pride within his own work

16th April 2018 |

A huge misconception of the front-men and front-women of punk is that they are aggressive and angry. Rory O’Neill proves the exact opposite, he is one of the nicest guys in the Brighton punk scene and one of the most … Read More

Dommy Sullivan AKA Skumclub on her Inspirations, Mental Health and Stick-and-Poke Tattoos

6th April 2018 |

In the second edition of ‘Artist of the Week’ we spoke to illustrator, tattoo artist and all round talented creative Dommy Sullivan. She goes by the name of skumclub on instagram is garnering a steady amount of fans and followers … Read More