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Brighton Journal | 19th February 2020

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Prepare Your Pillows! Bighearted Brighton Cafe to Host Huge Pillow Fight

7th February 2017 |

The spirit of Brighton and Hove is undoubtedly carefree and fun, yet charitable and eco-friendly. What better way to combine these two aspects than with a huge pillow fight for a good cause?

The Bucket and Spade Cafe, located in … Read More

How To Live Consciously in Brighton: A Revival Collective Guide

24th January 2017 |

Guest Post by Hermione Berendt, writer for The Revival Collective 

Brighton is a widely renowned haven for those who want to live an alternative, conscious lifestyle. With Caroline Lucas ruling over the inhabitants of Brighton and Hove, we live in … Read More

Top 5 Ways To Get Fit Without Spending A Penny

25th July 2016 |

Summer is finally here so it’s the perfect time to work on feeling good in yourself. If you don’t fancy spending your time in a claustrophobic, stuffy room also known as the gym, what is there to do? Well, there … Read More

Humans of Brighton – Flo the Teacher

29th May 2016 |

Flo, teacher.

I met Flo at the Dr Blighty Pavilion lights show on Saturday night (which for your information was brilliant), we got chatting as we slowly made our way out of the packed Pavilion gardens. We … Read More

Humans of Brighton – Benji the Thinker

25th March 2016 |

I’m Benji,

How would you describe yourself? Attractive, tall, dark, handsome haha, I’m joking. I’m a student, just a regular student studying in my third year at Sussex.

What are you studying? English and Philosophy.

Who’s your favourite writer and philosopher? I don’t … Read More

10 Celebrities you might bump into in Brighton

11th March 2016 |

You’d be surprised how many well-known faces you might bump into in our colourful coastal town, check out who they might be:

1. David Gilmore

Guitar god and musical titan from the worldwide famous band Pink Floyd supposedly has a … Read More