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Brighton Journal | 18th October 2019

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Party Season Beauty Trends

16th December 2015 |

Christmas and New Year are fast approaching which means all the parties you said you would go to in November are suddenly here and you realise you may have over-estimated your ability to socialise three nights in a row. Or … Read More

Get Lips Like Kylie Jenner Without the Surgery!

1st December 2015 | 1

So continues society’s obsession with the Kardashian/Jenner clan. Yesterday the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner posse released her own lip make up line called Kylie Lip Kit by Kylie Jenner. Imaginative. If you are excited by the prospect of having lips … Read More

What’s In Your Handbag Sophie Churcher? JumbleStyle

23rd November 2015 |

For this ‘What’s In Your Handbag?’ feature, Bjournal spoke to Sophie Churcher who runs jumblestyleblog. After finishing university and moving to Brighton, Sophie decided to combine her love of writing, Brighton and her penchant for second hand clothes and create … Read More

Is Posh Spice Launching Her Own Beauty Range?

20th November 2015 |

Victoria Beckham, former Spice Girl, current WAG and high end fashion designer, has announced that a beauty line is on her list ‘to go into at some point’. In an interview with The Telegraph, the fashion icon has previously collaborated … Read More

What’s In Your Handbag? Little Chica

20th November 2015 |

Bjournal love talking to local bloggers, and this week we chatted to Mar, otherwise known as Little Chica. Mar runs a lifestyle, fashion and beauty blog and has been living in Brighton for four years. After studying Advertising and PR … Read More

The Hottest Young Designer the Stars Want to Wear

17th November 2015 |

At the young age of thirty-five, Zac Posen has reached the dizzy heights of fashion royalty, something which young designers can only dream of achieving at that age. Born and raised in New York City, Posen interned with fashion designer … Read More

Spray on Nail-Polish

10th November 2015 |

Do you have that friend that can paint their nails to top manicurist standard whilst curling their hair, ironing a shirt and coming up with a solution to combat climate change? Do you devote all your attention to paining your … Read More

Kylie Jenner Leads the Way for the Newest Hair Trend

3rd November 2015 | 1

You may remember bjournal reporting on a bizarre but adorable trend in China that involved people clipping plastic plants onto their heads, well now we’ve got something even better on the hair trend front. Hair tattoos. You read that right. … Read More

What is This Mindfulness “Everybody” is Talking About?

24th October 2015 |

Mindfulness is a word that keeps cropping up at the moment, and mindfulness courses are becoming increasingly common. But, what is it?

Mindfulness is an ancient Buddhist practice and it is a simple concept that means we pay attention in … Read More

Coconut Oil Helps You Loose Weight

22nd October 2015 |

Coconuts make you think of the beach, Pina Coladas and cartoons where the coconut falls on the characters head. But it turns out that the oil from the coconuts are actually very beneficial. Only recently has coconut oil made its way onto the … Read More