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Brighton Journal | 8th December 2019

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Green Party slams Labour councillors for bin neglect around Brighton and Hove

12th October 2018 | 1

Labour councillors have failed to carry out the ‘City Clean’ service causing overflowing bins and missed collections in areas around Brighton and Hove, Green councillors have said.


According to a report on the city’s environment heard this Tuesday (9 … Read More

Demonstration in Brighton to unite communities against cuts to public services

10th October 2018 |

A demonstration will be held at the Level in Brighton on Saturday to rally residents of the community against local and national cuts to public services.


The protest, entitled ‘It’s a Matter of Life and Death’, is led by … Read More

Brighton council launch updated initiative for trans guidance in schools

9th October 2018 |

Brighton and Hove City Council have designed new procedures to fight gender stereotypes and update existing information for trans guidance in schools.


The Trans Inclusion Schools Toolkit was launched last week and will soon be adopted by institutions as … Read More

City Council To Discuss Major Tourism Masterplan

27th September 2018 |

Brighton and Hove City thrives on tourism, yet the economic benefit of this will come under scrutiny today (27th September) as talks go ahead regarding a five-year tourist masterplan.

Tourism can only truly benefit locals if employment is able to … Read More

Galvanise: How Brighton Can Help the Homeless

22nd March 2018 |

In our city of 507,000 people, one in 69 is homeless. Galvanise Brighton & Hove is on an ambitious campaign aiming to end street homelessness by 2020, in accordance to the Council’s own plan. Chronic homelessness is a … Read More

Franco Manca Hopes To Sell Alcohol To Take-Away

26th July 2017 |

The popular Regent Street pizzeria, Franco Manca is hoping to update its licensing laws to allow for the sale of alcohol to take off the premises.

The speciality sourdough pizza place is set to face a battle in order to be … Read More

Brighton & Hove City Council Sells Hove Seafront HQ

21st July 2017 |

Brighton and Hove City Council has sold Hove’s seafront HQ.

The former seafront headquarters have been sold by the council for over £26 million. The sale was announced yesterday afternoon (Thursday 20th July).

Now the former-HQ is planned to be turned … Read More

Parks Deemed “Under Pressure” To Be Given More Funding

17th July 2017 |

Increased funding will be made available to parks deemed “under pressure” in the Brighton and Hove area.

Brighton and Hove City Council were under budget by £600,000 meaning it can now be used to pay for a weekend manager for … Read More

New Doctors’ Surgery Will Serve 12,000 Patients

14th July 2017 |

A new doctors’ surgery is in the works, with it being approved and set to serve 12,000 Brighton patients.

Brighton and Hove City Council and the NHS have joined forces in order to fund the project, intending to spend £1.6m on … Read More

Shared Houses Bring More Planning Complaints To Brighton & Hove City Council

13th July 2017 | 1

Brighton and Hove City Council has seen a huge rise in planning complaints with more than 800 planning complaints being received over the past year, up to the end of March. Apparently, there’s one key thing to blame, and that’s … Read More