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Brighton Journal | 23rd January 2020

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Humans Of Brighton: Meet Omar

21st July 2019 |

This week we met up with Omar to ask the question:

“What makes you happy?”

“When I look at people, I can see what is inside of them: It means you are watching who is angry, who is miserable, who … Read More

Humans Of Brighton: Meet Freya

14th July 2019 |

This week, we met up with Freya to ask the question:

“What makes you happy?”

“For me, it splits into two halves: the first half will be the small things that make me happy on a day-to-day … Read More

“Small businesses seem to thrive here” Humans of Brighton – Meet Suzanne

9th December 2018 |

When wandering through the North Laine this week, we spotted Suzanne working hard making glass behind the counter of her beautiful shop, Little Beach Boutique. We chatted to her about living and working in the city for this week’s edition of Humans … Read More

“My family owned a circus that travelled the world” Humans of Brighton – Meet Danny

2nd December 2018 |

This week we spotted Danny, an Italian busker, performing in town. We caught up with him for our weekly instalment of Humans of Brighton, and found out what he loves about the city.



Hi Danny! Could you tell … Read More

Meet Hayden, the man behind feeding the homeless in Brighton for free

29th November 2018 |

It is not rare to find people within our city that are willing to go the extra mile to put others first. However, independent cafe owner, Hayden, from The Coffee Counter Brighton, is an exceptional example of the very best … Read More

“I fell in love as soon as I stepped off the train” Humans of Brighton – Meet Katie

25th November 2018 |

For this week’s edition of Human’s of Brighton we met Katie, a Fashion Communications student, to find out what she loves about Brighton and where she thinks serves the best coffee.

Hi Katie! What initially made you decide to move … Read More

Brighton locals urge council to stop bagging leaves in plastic

22nd November 2018 | 1

A petition urging Brighton & Hove City council to stop using plastic bags to package the overflow of autumn leaves, has gained over 1000 signatures.


It is without doubt that many Brighton residents are passionate about sustainability. Especially being … Read More

Dog dies after falling down gap between train and the platform at Brighton Station

22nd November 2018 | 1

It is believed a dog has sadly died after falling down the gap between the train and the platform at Brighton Railway Station yesterday (21 November).


Local Brighton onlooker Heidi Byner, took to Facebook group Brighton People to share … Read More

“There’s nothing I’d change about Brighton” – Meet Emily

18th November 2018 |

For this week’s edition of Humans of Brighton, we chatted to Emily Diamond, a sculptor studying in Brighton, about what she thinks of the city and whether or not it’s her forever place.


Hi Emily! What do you do?

Read More

Brighton’s Favourite Raver: Disco Pete celebrates his 82nd birthday!

16th November 2018 | 1

Brighton legend and the city’s oldest raver, Disco Pete, celebrates his 82nd birthday today. From being in the R.A.F. to becoming a school caretaker, to DJ’ing and dancing, Brighton’s most loved icon has an incredibly exciting life to celebrate!


Read More