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Brighton Journal | 18th October 2019

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Three New Big Lemon Buses!

1st September 2017 |

The Government have given the Big Lemon Bus company a grant of £500,000 for new greener buses.

This money will allow them to add three buses to their fleet of the most environmentally friendly buses in the world.

The new … Read More

Brighton And Hove Buses On Its Way To Become Best Operator In The Country!

27th July 2017 |

When you get off the bus feeling like you had the most incredible bus driver ever, wouldn’t it be a nice gesture to let the bus company know about it? A number of passengers in the area have contacted Brighton … Read More

Brighton Bus Fare To Rise Again 

18th April 2017 |

As of the next week Brighton and Hove bus fares will be increasing once again to tackle delays. City centre fares now at £2 will be rising to £2.20. But no fear users of the mobile ticket app centre fare … Read More

Scrabble Is Officially Brighton and Hove’s Dog In Residence

24th March 2017 | 1

For some time now, we’ve been best buddies with adorable Jackshund Scrabble and her lazy human Mike Dicks. He’s a professional illustrator while she’s a certified taker of naps, drinker of dog beer, and keen runner on the beach.

She’s … Read More

Commuter Chaos: Prepare for Delays on the Buses

31st January 2017 |

After months of disruption on the rails, the managing director of Brighton and Hove Buses is warning commuters their journeys are set to take longer. Martin Harris says roadworks have already seen the average bus journey time increase by 13 … Read More

‘You don’t need to be able to draw beautifully to capture your day’: Interview with Lou Theodore

26th January 2017 |

Self-taught visual storyteller Lou Theodore is using her amazing artwork to capture the essence of our community of commuters. She’s been riding the bus every day this month as part of the Brighton and Hove Buses Artist in Residence Project, … Read More

Brighton Bus Named After Local Suffragette

23rd January 2017 |

Minnie Turner, born in Preston Street one-hundred and fifty years ago, has become the latest name to be honoured on a Brighton & Hove Bus.

The Brighton and Hove Bus Company say they are delighted to pay tribute to … Read More