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Brighton Journal | 24th January 2020

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Music for People with Dementia: Huge Grant Awarded for Music in Hospitals Programme

22nd May 2018 |

Art’s Council England have just awarded an amazing grant of over £39,000 to Rhythmix, the people behind the Wishing Well Music in Healthcare programme, which aims to bring live music to people with dementia.

This fantastic programme brings music to … Read More

Sussex Police Adopt New Scheme Ahead of Dementia Action Week

21st May 2018 |

Ahead of Dementia Action Week, which begins today on the 21st May, Sussex Police and their partners have adopted a new scheme to aid people with dementia, as well as their families. The scheme gives the families of those with … Read More

Want To Volunteer?

21st July 2017 |

If you are looking to give back to your community here in Brighton, we have a few places in which we believe are important to support. Volunteering is not only a wonderful thing to do for someone else, it is … Read More

Free Cookery and Gardening Sessions For Dementia Sufferers

16th February 2017 |

Dementia sufferers in Brighton can now apply for free cookery and gardening sessions taking place this spring.

The project is run by Food Partnership staff with support from trained volunteers , and funded by NHS Brighton & Hove Clinical … Read More

What it’s Like to Brighten Dementia Wards by Sharing Christmas Songs

16th December 2016 |

Guest Blog by Russ Callaghan As part of the Wishing Well team for Rhythmix Music Charity, I spend most weeks on the Emerald Ward at Brighton Hospital. Research has shown that the part of the brain that processes music … Read More