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Brighton Journal | 14th November 2019

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Revolutionary Gyrotonic® Exercise Method Comes to Hove

16th December 2018 |

Top athletes and A-List celebrities such as Andy Murray and Lady Gaga include the Gyrotonic method in their exercise regime. One to one sessions in this revolutionary exercise system are now being offered at a studio based in Hove by … Read More

What’s on in Brighton This Weekend? 3 August – 5 August

2nd August 2018 |

This weekend sees not only Brighton and Hove put on the UK’s biggest Pride Festival, but also the occurrence of loads of other amazing events in the city! With our compiled list of events below, the beginning of August promises a variety … Read More

Humans of Brighton – Damian Cycles Everywhere!

30th July 2017 |

Bumping into Damian Ratcliffe in Queen’s Park was pure luck. He was here this morning teaching an exercise class and forgot his exercise bands so came by later to collect them. He decided to sit in the sun here instead of … Read More

Friday Feeling: Too Tired To Enjoy Yourself?

21st July 2017 |

Another Friday has come around. Not feeling all too excited and ready for the weekend? So exhausted you think you’ll just sleep through the weekend? We are here to either help you embrace the slob or put a kick back … Read More

Do Good And Get Fit: Acclaimed Community Exercise Group Set For Brighton Launch

29th March 2017 |

If you love keeping fit and helping others, the perfect group for you is set to arrive in Brighton soon. Award-winning fitness collective GoodGym gets gym bunnies to swap cross trainers for workouts which are also acts of kindness in the … Read More

Brighton’s Likely To Get a Yoga-Rave Venue!

27th March 2017 |

Yoga is usually synonymous with peace and relaxation – not with partying! But London-based fitness chain Gymbox hosts yoga rave classes – and has its sights set on opening a Brighton venue.

The chain offers all the usual fitness classes including … Read More

How This Cycling Group is Uniting the Women of Brighton

21st February 2017 |

53-year-old Alison Lewis is doing something incredible for the ever-growing community of cyclists in Brighton and Hove. As the local organiser and coach for Breeze, she’s a huge part of the reason why more and more women in the area … Read More

Become “Zen as F***” With This New Yoga Craze

12th April 2016 |

“Want to better your strength, flexibility and become zen as f***? Enjoy the occasional f-bomb or innuendo?” This, my friends, is an advert for Rage Yoga. Rage Yoga is a new exercise trend started by Lindsay-Marie Istace that is essentially … Read More

Pilates Routine You Can Do From Home

1st February 2016 |

The weather is still rubbish, somehow there is still Christmas chocolate left over and all your favourite American TV shows are coming off their mid-season break so working out sounds very unappealing right now. However, working out from home can … Read More

Bikram Yoga the Latest Trend in Brighton

26th January 2016 |

If you’re unfamiliar with yoga then you may fall in to the category of the ill-informed, believing that it’s just a bit of stretching and not much of a workout. Yoga is most definitely not just stretching and as well … Read More