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Brighton Journal | 18th October 2019

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Albion news: international outings, visit the dressing room, VAR incoming

7th June 2019 |

There is no competitive club football to report on for all you dedicated Seagulls fans out there, not for another 42 days, but nevertheless there is plenty of activity at home and abroad for the club. Featured Image © Brighton … Read More

Go Albion! Photos From Yesterday’s Big Celebration

15th May 2017 |

From 4 pm on, Albion fans and supporters of all ages started to crowd along Brighton’s seafront drive. Dressed in white and blue and eager to wave their Albion flags, they could hardly wait for the parade to finally kick … Read More

Sunday Is Gonna Be Blue And White ! Brighton Celebrates Its Albions !

12th May 2017 |

First time ever in the Premier League! Ever since they heard the big news on April 16, Albion fans in Brighton and Hove have shown their support to their heroes. This Sunday, they will celebrate the Albion’s promotion with a … Read More

Horror fans dream come true with Friday 13th: The Game

24th April 2017 |

You’ve heard that right, 80’s horror is to be represented through it’s own game. Popular movie fanatics are going mad over the announcement of the release of Friday 13th: The Game. Taking on the role of teen Councillor for the … Read More

Albion Fans Show Support in Honour of Promotion

21st April 2017 |

Since Albion made it into the Premiere league on the 16th April, fans all across Brighton have been showing their support through many forms.

A house on Viaduct Road, Brighton, has been painted in blue and white in honour of the Albion’s … Read More

‘We Can See You Holding Hands’ – Why Football isn’t for Everyone

25th June 2016 |

Football is the global game. The world’s most popular sport has shown time and time again that despite its tribalistic fan tendencies, it has the power to unite all who follow it and beyond. The friendly between England and France in … Read More