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Brighton Journal | August 25, 2019

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Brighton Socialite: The Midweek Mingle in Pictures

November 13, 2018 |

Last week Brighton Journal headed to the Midweek Mingle,  an evening of honest discussion and advice from a panel of women who have gone solo with their careers and bossed it, brought to you by She Can. She Did. Here’s … Read More

Brighton Landmark Recognised as Key Location in Women’s Suffrage

June 12, 2018 |

The iconic Brighton Dome has been cited as a site of activism.

A list composed by Historic England has recognised Brighton Dome as a major site for the suffrage struggle.

It is one of 41 locations to make the list.

Read More

What’s On This Weekend! 18th – 20th August

August 18, 2017 |

Although the weather is predicted to be rubbish lets not let that ruin our weekend! But of course as usual, it begins to get sunny again at the beginning of next week, when we all go back to work on … Read More

Why The Free The Nipple Movement This Weekend Is Important

August 17, 2017 |

This weekend, on Saturday the 19th of August, Brighton is hosting a Free The Nipple rally along the seafront.

The Free The Nipple movement began with a woman in NYC who made a documentary in 2012 about gender equality and … Read More

Getting More Women Into Music! Meet DJ And Bitchcraft Founder Polly Miles!

July 25, 2017 | 1

She regularly spins the decks at Brighton’s numerous music venues and is busy putting on shows with her music events company. Polly Miles is a 22 year old DJ and music promoter in Brighton. She is the one pulling the … Read More

Why Feminists Staged a Sit-in At Churchill Square Yesterday

March 9, 2017 |

Passers-by near Churchill Square yesterday evening were greeted by more than 100 women and non-binary people sitting outside the shopping centre, releasing flares and chanting.

It was a demonstration by Sisters Uncut Brighton, a local branch of the national feminist … Read More

Why Brighton Women Are Striking Today

March 8, 2017 |

On International Women’s Day, two separate groups of Brighton women will go on strike to get their voices heard – an action in keeping with this year’s #BeBoldForChange theme.

Students at Sussex University will walk out of lectures at midday to … Read More

Brighton Bus Named After Local Suffragette

January 23, 2017 |

Minnie Turner, born in Preston Street one-hundred and fifty years ago, has become the latest name to be honoured on a Brighton & Hove Bus.

The Brighton and Hove Bus Company say they are delighted to pay tribute to … Read More

Banned Brighton Artist Conquers Past – Interview – Judi Thomas

March 23, 2016 |

Tell us a little bit about yourself. I’m Judi, I’m a forty-five-year-old mum of three, born in South-Africa – Durban, which is actually a lot like Brighton. I’ve been living in the UK for about fifteen years.

How did you … Read More

‘The sooner our government becomes more diverse, the better’

February 4, 2016 |

Kitty Underhill is an actress, model, TV show panellist and your new feminist icon. Seen on The Rosies, the feminist chat show on Brighton’s Latest TV as well as in the incredible Neon Moon modelling campaign. Bjournal spoke to Kitty … Read More