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Brighton Journal | 7th December 2019

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Friday Feeling: 10 Quotes That Will Help You Relax

1st September 2017 |

These quotes will help you say goodbye to the hard week at work and help you appreciate everything you have in your life already…

  1. “There are better things ahead than any we leave behind.” – Anonymous
  2. “Doing something … Read More

Friday Feeling: Why You Need To Have A Lie In

25th August 2017 |

Even if you have nothing planned this weekend you know you have one thing to look forward to… a lie in! And after getting up at 5/6/7am everyday for work or for your kids you deserve this.

  1. You need … Read More

Friday Feeling: Too Tired To Enjoy Yourself?

21st July 2017 |

Another Friday has come around. Not feeling all too excited and ready for the weekend? So exhausted you think you’ll just sleep through the weekend? We are here to either help you embrace the slob or put a kick back … Read More

Friday Feeling: Summer Cocktails To Suit The Weather

14th July 2017 |

Every Friday rolls around and I get that Friday feeling, that last burst of energy before the weekend to finish all my work for the week and enjoy the next two days. I know some of you reading this may … Read More