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Brighton Journal | 28th January 2020

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Do Good And Get Fit: Acclaimed Community Exercise Group Set For Brighton Launch

29th March 2017 |

If you love keeping fit and helping others, the perfect group for you is set to arrive in Brighton soon. Award-winning fitness collective GoodGym gets gym bunnies to swap cross trainers for workouts which are also acts of kindness in the … Read More

Brighton’s Likely To Get a Yoga-Rave Venue!

27th March 2017 |

Yoga is usually synonymous with peace and relaxation – not with partying! But London-based fitness chain Gymbox hosts yoga rave classes – and has its sights set on opening a Brighton venue.

The chain offers all the usual fitness classes including … Read More

How Much Money are you Wasting on the Gym?

16th February 2017 |

The dusty gym membership card and the cancelled fitness class are long-running jokes. We’ve all been too busy, too lazy, or too hungover to hit the gym at some point, no matter how hard we try to stay in shape. … Read More

Brighton’s Gyms – Pros and Cons

14th July 2016 | 2

Which gym is for me? I hear you ask. Don’t worry here at Brighton Journal we’ve done our research to offer you a selected comparative ‘which gym guide’ for Brighton and Hove.

Freedom Leisure: Multiple locations. 


Waist Trainers Could Cause Weight Gain

13th October 2015 |

Many women desire slim, toned waists, but in an increasingly time-pressed society not everyone has the time to head down to the gym for hours in pursuit of the hourglass figure that society deems so desirable. We want results – … Read More