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Brighton Journal | 3rd April 2020

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SUPERSIZED peanut butter cup!

20th February 2019 |

Hello again you lovely bunch! I hope you’re having a lovely week!

I have such a special recipe to share with you today! If you know me personally, you will know I am HIGH-KEY obsessed with peanut butter! Any kind, … Read More

8 Mouthwatering Guilt-Free Vegan Mac’n’Cheese Recipes

25th July 2017 |

One of the ultimate comfort foods, whatever the weather, is macaroni cheese. A true staple and must-have for anyone’s recipe collection, macaroni cheese is something everyone ought to know how to make. Whether you’re vegan or not, we’re certain you’re … Read More

How To: Quick & Easy Naan Pizza

12th June 2017 |

At Brighton Journal, we love providing our fellow Brightonians with cheap, quick, simple and healthy recipes. So without further ado here’s a handy recipe for tasty naan bread pizzas!

What you need:

1 naan bread

1 jar pizza topper or … Read More

How To: Tortilla Pizza Two Ways

24th May 2017 |

When it comes to food, who isn’t up for making their lives just that little bit easier? Well here we are to help you out with speeding up those dinner times, so you can make the most of the gorgeous … Read More

Brighton Has A New Community Cafe – And It’s Vegan!

30th March 2017 |

Longhouse Cafe’s tagline is “Born in Brighton. Created by the Community. Powered By Plants” – an apt motto for Brighton’s newest community coffee spot.

Owned by Chris Evans, the eatery’s 100 per cent plant-based vegan menu includes breakfast, brunch, lunch, … Read More

A Superfood That You Can Use in Ice Cream

17th February 2016 |

Another day another superfood. However, this one caught our eye for a totally different reason – it’s the most popular ice-cream flavour in Peru. Yes, a superfood that is a dessert. Lucuma is a yellow South American fruit that looks … Read More

Introducing…Cloud Bread

4th February 2016 |

2015 was the year of alternatives. Alternatives to rice (cauliflower rice), spaghetti (courgette spaghetti obviously) there’s an alternative for pretty much every gluten based product. However, have you heard of cloud bread?

Cloud bread is a grain free, low-carb and … Read More

3 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

25th January 2016 |

It’s National Breakfast Week! Breakfast is a tricky meal, our lives have become so busy now that ‘breakfast’ means a pre-made granola bar and a strong coffee from Starbucks. It’s no secret that breakfast is good for you, we’ve had … Read More

Monday Motivation: The Perfect Vegan Christmas Roast

21st December 2015 |


Let’s face it, Christmas dinner isn’t always accommodating to the non-meat eaters. Turkey, pigs in blankets, stuffing all contain meat, leaving the vegetarians potatoes and vegetables. If you have adopted a vegetarian or vegan diet this year, it can … Read More

10 Kitchen Appliances To Make You Healthier

18th November 2015 |

Eating healthy is hard and don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise. They’re either mental or getting paid to tell you that. It’s easier to stick a pizza in the oven than it is to peel and chop and cook … Read More