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Brighton Journal | 22nd February 2020

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Celebrating Who You Are! Parker Robinson Talks LGBT+ Matters and Brighton Pride!

28th July 2017 |

He has only just left his role as the Students Union’s Vice-President of Welfare and Campaigns where he has run campaigns to tackle the BME attainment gap and to improve women’s safety on campuses. As former President of the LGBT+ … Read More

Getting More Women Into Music! Meet DJ And Bitchcraft Founder Polly Miles!

25th July 2017 | 1

She regularly spins the decks at Brighton’s numerous music venues and is busy putting on shows with her music events company. Polly Miles is a 22 year old DJ and music promoter in Brighton. She is the one pulling the … Read More

Ready To Really Kick Off His Music Career! Meet Inspiring Brighton Singer Luke Fincher!

22nd July 2017 |

He had his launch show at The Latest Music Bar the other night and we were blown away by his incredible performance, combining powerful soul tracks with stunning rap parts. Luke Fincher is one of Brighton’s up and coming music … Read More

Combining The Real With Fantasy! Meet Brighton-Based Film-Maker Jess Dadds!

18th July 2017 |

A guy sitting in an armchair, a beer can in his hand and a designated look in his eyes. Rats are crawling over him while he looks straight at the camera talking about his real life problems. That’s the scenario of Jess … Read More

Humans Of Brighton – Meet Skater Boy Thomas!

16th July 2017 |

We met him the other day at the skatepark up at Brighton’s Level. His new skateboard put under his arm, Thomas was watching the other skaters do their tricks, waiting for it to be less crowded. The 31-year-old lives in … Read More

She Is The Woman Who Brings Beer Yoga To Brighton! Meet Emma Simons!

14th July 2017 |

When Emma opens the door of her nice little Kemptown house to let us in, we are immediately impressed by her totally calm and relaxed appearance. It seems like nothing could make the young blonde woman sitting in front of us … Read More

Turning Beach Litter Into Art To Fight Against Plastic Pollution! Meet Marine Biologist & Artist Candy Medusa!

13th July 2017 |

What happens to the plastic straw or bag that gets blown away when you enjoy a drink or have a picnic down at the beach? Well, it either stays there for the next 400 years or it will get picked … Read More

Humans Of Brighton – Meet Future Film Editor Özge From Istanbul!

9th July 2017 |

When walking through Brighton’s streets this week, we saw her unchain her bike from the railings near the Victoria Gardens. It’s only been three months since Özge came over to Brighton from her hometown Istanbul but she already loves it! We had a … Read More

Who Is The Man Behind Brighton’s Famous Landlady Mrs Hoover?

4th July 2017 |

Standing up for British traditions such as the famous afternoon tea, catering for her overseas visitors with a close eye on the budget spent and teaching them irregular English verb forms in form of funny songs. For nearly four decades, … Read More

Question Time With Eleanor And Chris From The Hundredth Anniversary!

1st July 2017 |

They met back in 2012 and started playing together. In February this year, they released their debut album ‘Sea State Pictures’ brings together everything The Hundredth Anniversary are known and loved for by their fans, Eleanor’s warm vocals, Dem’s rigorous … Read More