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Brighton Journal | 21st November 2019

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A Powerful Mysterious Sound Scenery And A Soulful Voice! Meet Sabrina Gunston!

10th June 2017 |

Last weekend, she had a gig in London, next weekend, she will perform in Hastings. After her debut single ‘Let Me Introduce Myself’, the Brighton-based singer-songwriter is looking forward to releasing her very first EP on the 7th of July. … Read More

‘My Cancer Was A Blessing In Disguise!’ Brighton’s Singer-Songwriter Abi Flynn About Her Incredible Experience!

7th June 2017 |

If her bald head didn’t give it away, no one would ever think that the happy, fun and chatty young woman sitting in front of us at the table suffered from cancer. After the diagnosis, most people usually fall into a … Read More

His Father’s Death Gave Him The Courage To Quit His Job And Become A Musician! Meet Swing Act Alex Banks!

3rd June 2017 |

When you see someone playing an instrument or performing a song in Brighton’s streets, how often do you think about how they ended up there? You would probably never imagine that the guy with the hat singing Frank Sinatra’s ‘It … Read More

Humans of Brighton – Meet Dunstan The Traveller

28th May 2017 |

Hello Dunstan, nice to meet you! Can you tell me a bit about you? Yes, of course. My name is Dunstan Harris and I’m 24 years old. I was born in London but now I live in Brighton.

What do you … Read More

‘I Love My Job!’ – Meet Brighton’s One And Only Hoover Groover!

16th May 2017 |

If you have been to Brighton’s On The Rocks Bar Crawl, you will probably have met him there. Twice a week, on Friday and Saturday night, he takes groups of people from all over Brighton and beyond on a journey through … Read More

Let’s Talk Sexual Identity And Gender Roles – Interview With BoxedIn Theatre Artistic Diretor Oli Savage

8th May 2017 |

Have you ever felt like you don’t really fit into the labels society puts on us? Ever hesitated when filling out a questionnaire asking whether you consider yourself male or female? This is what queer theatre is about. How are gender and … Read More

Humans of Brighton – Meet Kevin The Multilingual

7th May 2017 |

Hello Kevin, nice to meet you. Where are you from? Hello, nice to meet you too. I come from a small village called Niederlauterbach in France next to the German border.

Why are you here in Brighton? I’m here for an … Read More

Humans of Brighton – Meet Fawaz From Kuwait Future Business Owner

30th April 2017 |

Hello Fawaz, nice to meet you! Where are you from? Hello, nice to meet you too. I’m from Kuwait.

Oh, that’s interesting. Can you tell me a bit more about you? Yes, I’m 21 years old and came to Brighton a few … Read More

Humans of Brighton – Meet Kiko The Future Diplomat

23rd April 2017 |

Hello Fransisco, nice to meet you! Where are you from? Hello, you can call me Kiko like all my friends do and I’m from Brazil.

What do you do here in Brighton? I’m here in an English school to improve my English. … Read More

Meet Jake Denham, Brighton’s very own ‘adventurepreneur’ on a mission to help people rediscover their inner child

16th April 2017 |

Guest post by Lucy Maddox

“We like to think of ourselves as free-range humans” Jake tells me as we chat about his leap into ‘adventurepreneurship’.

Jake Denham and his best friend Kim Slade are the founders of Unknown … Read More