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Brighton Journal | 23rd November 2019

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Emergency Wartime Bank Notes Worth £1 Million Found in Brighton Shop

11th June 2018 |

A bundle of notes was discovered during renovation work.

A stash of bank notes have been uncovered at Brighton’s Cotswold Outdoor store at Western Road.

The notes date all the way back to World War Two.

Approximately 30 bundles were … Read More

Bogus Brighton Meter Reader Stole Thousands From Elderly Victim

22nd January 2018 |

Police are investigating an incident in Whiterock Place, Brighton, in which a vulnerable elderly woman allowed a man claiming to be a gas meter reader into her flat, only to later find that he had stolen thousands of pounds cash … Read More

£10,000 Sussex Money Launderer Convicted

2nd January 2018 |

A man who laundered thousands of pounds to fund his gambling addiction has been convicted in court.

At the end of June, Eclipse Financial Management Limited, an insurance broker based in Tangmere, overpaid Pen Underwriting £10,937.35. The client then contacted … Read More

Will You Donate To Help Funding The Madeira Terraces Regeneration Project?

26th July 2017 |

Today marks the launch of the crowd funding campaign to set things in motion for the regeneration of the currently closed-down Madeira Terraces. The campaign is initiated by the Brighton and Hove City Council who count on local businesses to … Read More

University of Brighton Graduate Designs UK’s New £2 Coin

19th July 2017 |

Dominique Evans graduated the University of Brighton in 1995 with a BA(Hons) in Graphic Design. Little did she know that 22 years later she’d be designing the UK’s new £2 coin.

Working as a Royal Mint graphic designer for the … Read More

Brighton Bus Fare To Rise Again 

18th April 2017 |

As of the next week Brighton and Hove bus fares will be increasing once again to tackle delays. City centre fares now at £2 will be rising to £2.20. But no fear users of the mobile ticket app centre fare … Read More

Is Your 50p Coin Worth £100?

13th April 2017 |

Next time you open your purse or wallet, or digging around for change in your pocket, take a closer look as you may be carrying around a rare 50p coin worth up to £100. have established a scarcity … Read More

7 Ways To Stop Wasting Money on Clothes

23rd March 2017 |

We are all occasionally fashion felons – buying things to only wear them once, splurging in the sales on things we know don’t suit us, and choosing high-price, low-quality clothes.

Shockingly, the average Brit will leave a third of the … Read More

Good News! Brighton Top In Country For Salary Boosts

7th March 2017 |

Staff working in Brighton and Hove saw an average of a ten per cent salary increase this year, making the seaside city top in the country for salary growth.

Brighton salaries were up 9.9 per cent year-on-year, according to research … Read More

Brighton Named Sixth Least Affordable City

1st March 2017 |

Brighton and Hove has been named as one of the least affordable places to buy a home in the UK. The city is the 6th least affordable in the UK behind Oxford, London, Winchester, Cambridge and Chichester, according to … Read More