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Brighton Journal | 11th December 2019

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#Paris Archives - Brighton Journal

Eurostar Are Having A Sale!

25th August 2017 |

Today is Eurostars busiest day for departures with over 13,000 people travelling to Europe and 142,000 passengers travelling on the Eurostar in total over the Bank Holiday Weekend.

This is an 8% rise on last year. Of course, Paris is … Read More

#ClimateCatwalk Challenge

3rd December 2015 |

Does anyone remember the ice bucket challenge? What about the no makeup selfie? In recent years we’ve seen the rise of social media campaigns as a way to raise awareness, and it’s been largely effective. It doesn’t cost anything, it’s … Read More

Brighton Answers: Could Brighton be the Target for a Terrorist Attack?

21st November 2015 |

Recent terror attacks around the world have sparked further discussion and debate amongst social media users on various issues. Some people have criticized the more extensive coverage of the Paris attacks over those taking place in other parts of the … Read More