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Brighton Journal | 14th November 2019

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10 Things You Must Do When You First Move to Brighton

25th September 2018 | 1

In the past few weeks hundreds of new students have flocked down to Brighton, ready to begin what is guaranteed to be the best few years of their lives. But when the excitement of freshers week dies down and before … Read More

The Brighton Establishments With Low Hygiene Ratings Revealed

19th June 2018 |

There are some surprising inclusions on the list.

The Food Standards Agency have released a list compiling the lowest rated establishments based on hygiene in Brighton.

They have a scale of 0-5, with 2 or below not satisfactory.

0 is … Read More

Brighton’s Best Boozers For After Work Drinks

18th July 2017 |

It may be a Tuesday but it’s also summer and who are we to deny you hard workers the pleasure of an after work drink with colleagues? To make things a little easier we’ve found the best watering holes to … Read More

A Hanover Pub Is Set To Be Sold

4th July 2017 | 1

The Horse and Groom, The Cuthbert, London Unity, The Albion Inn, Rose Hill Tavern and now The Greys all have something in common – they’ve all been put up for sale by the EI group (previously known as Enterprise Inns).

Read More

Where To Find The Best Vegan Roast In Brighton

3rd July 2017 |

Even in summer when barbecues are abundant, there’s little that beats a roast dinner on a quiet Sunday afternoon. But what if you’re vegetarian or vegan? Well, roast dinners aren’t just for meat eaters, especially in Brighton. So we’ve found … Read More

Brighton’s Best Pub Quizzes

14th June 2017 | 3

What could be better than relaxing in a pub or a beer garden on a warm Summer’s evening? Well, relaxing in a pub or beer garden and getting involved in a pub quiz on a warm Summer’s evening! Brighton’s pubs play host … Read More

Will You Still Be Able To Smoke Outside Brighton’s Pubs And Restaurants?

12th June 2017 |

Maybe not for so much longer! The city council and local NHS leaders consider introducing a smoking ban for outside sitting areas as well, but without any legislative power. It will be up to business owners to decide whether they want … Read More

Brighton’s Best Beer Gardens

7th June 2017 | 1

Despite some temperamental weather of late, it is still June and that means sitting out, absorbing some rays and drinking a cold pint of whatever you fancy. With that being said, we understand with so much choice in Brighton’s beer … Read More

Brighton’s Live Music Scene Was At Its Best Last Night!

19th May 2017 |

With the Great and the Alternative Escape kicking off yesterday, there was a lot going on in the city last night. Searching shelter from the pouring rain, Brightonians got together in bars and pubs all over the city to enjoy … Read More

Looking Like You Are Under 25? Don’t Forget Your ID When Going Out!

10th May 2017 |

With so many nightly events going on in the city at the moment, bars and pubs in Brighton are really strict when it comes to showing your ID when buying a drink or even when entering the venue. So if … Read More