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Brighton Journal | 10th December 2019

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The social influencers of Brighton

9th July 2019 |

Meet some of Brighton’s top influencers

Jessica out of the closet

Jessica out of the closet, a.k.a Jessica Kellgren-Fozard is a disabled TV presenter, blogger and Youtuber. Jessica takes an interest in vintage fashion, on her Instagram … Read More

Lightning storm strikes Brighton

19th June 2019 |

As lightning struck Brighton last night, local photographers snapped up some stunning shots.

After the Met Office issued two days of yellow weather warnings for storms and flooding, thunderstorms arrived in Brighton. Despite the torrential rain and treacherous weather, residents … Read More

Selfie Factory Coming to Brighton to Brighten Your Social Media!

10th July 2018 |

Selfies are one of the biggest mediums for self-expression. With the increased use of social media, a well-taken photo can be a huge deal.¬†Brighton is full of great selfie spots, and due to its reputation as a trendy city, has … Read More

1 in 5 Youngsters Are Hacked on Social Media – How Safe Are Brighton’s Youths?

13th June 2018 |

We are guilty of a little bit of oversharing on social media, be it your hundreds of holiday photos, or a story from a night out that no one needed to know, but what about when oversharing goes too far, … Read More

Invest Time In LinkedIn And Reap The Rewards

22nd August 2017 |

You can really influence your professional brand in a positive way by using LinkedIn and can totally use it to your advantage to further your career by connecting with new and different people, and by being aware of what is … Read More

Online Hate Crimes Are Going To Be Treated More Seriously

21st August 2017 |

Director of Public Prosecutions; Alison Saunders says the Crown Prosecution Service will seek penalties for online hate crimes that equalise those given for face-to-face abuse.

Today CPS announces it’s plans to prosecute more social media hate after revising it’s guidance … Read More

Humans of Brighton – Lorna is offline!

6th August 2017 |

Lorna Ough is 22 and has lived in Brighton for the past three years. She was doing a degree in Fine Art Critical Practice at the University of Brighton. She was at the Grand Parade Campus and has just finished, … Read More

Claire Ansett Wants You To Get Up Close And Uncomfortable

5th August 2017 |

We met 21-year old Claire Ansett who recently put on her first solo exhibition. The exhibition was held in a lock-in gallery which made for an incredibly intimate setting. It began on the 26th of July and ran all the … Read More

Do You Post Your Children’s Photos Online?

2nd August 2017 |

According to a study conducted by Ofcom, parents are divided about whether it is right to post photographs of their children online.

Many of those who avoided sharing on social media said that they wanted to protect their child’s privacy.

Read More

It Sucks That People Need To Take Breaks From The Internet

20th July 2017 |

It has dawned on me recently how much our lives are intertwined with technology and our phones and the internet. My phone broke a few weeks ago and I panicked cancelled my whole day and headed straight to the apple … Read More