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Brighton Journal | 8th December 2019

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Human’s Of Brighton – Alejandro Brought His Dog All The Way From Barcelona

20th August 2017 |

I met Alejandro Casado whilst he was playing with his dog in the park, he came to Brighton just over a year ago and told me about the challenges of bringing a dog with him.

So you’re from Spain? Why … Read More

A Profile On Brighton’s Tattoo Artist Taking Social Media By Storm

3rd June 2017 |

After following Patrick on Instagram for several months, I didn’t know what to expect upon meeting him. Whilst waiting outside Brighton’s Small Batch coffee house, I see a (very) tall man approaching (when he mentions he used to play basketball … Read More

Black Dots Or Color Splashes ? Brighton Tattooist Will Barbour-Brown Talks About Tattoo Trends

12th May 2017 |

Sometimes you see them, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes they’re tiny, sometimes huge. The name of a beloved family member on your forearm, a girly dreamcatcher on your neck, a colored skull on your thigh… Raise your hand if you got … Read More

10 Year Anniversary – Brighton Tattoo Convention

14th April 2017 |

The Brighton Tattoo Convention is one of the UKs biggest prestige tattoo gatherings. Each year attracting over 6000 people to descend on this two day event.

The event first opened its doors back in 2007 and is now hurtling towards … Read More

Brighton Flash Tattoo Day This Weekend Will Raise Money For Refugees

30th March 2017 |

A bighearted Brighton tattoo parlour is holding a charity flash day this Saturday (1 April) to raise money for unaccompanied child refugees in France and the South of England.

11 artists at 1770 Tattoos in Little East Street will spend the … Read More

Brightonians with Cool Tattoos!

8th July 2016 |

Tattoos, one of the oldest forms of body art, celebrate the beauty and magic of belief. Let’s take a look at some of the tattoos we found in the streets of Brighton to inspire you!

Photos By Johanna Engel

Read More

Inspired by Magic – Jorge Becerra at the Brighton Tattoo Convention

3rd May 2016 |

After three years at the Hilton Metropole, the Brighton Tattoo convention had it’s maiden year at the larger Brighton Centre venue. With plans of demolishing the centre and building a new 10,000 seater venue around the Black Rock area, it … Read More

Black-Out Tattoos Are The Next Big Thing…But They Come With Health Warnings

7th April 2016 |

Last year everone from models to reality stars were seen with teeny tiny delicate tattoos. They were the perfect way to get inked without it being obvious or intrusive. Now, however, there’s a brand new tattoo trend dominating Instagram and … Read More

Banned Brighton Artist Conquers Past – Interview – Judi Thomas

23rd March 2016 |

Tell us a little bit about yourself. I’m Judi, I’m a forty-five-year-old mum of three, born in South-Africa – Durban, which is actually a lot like Brighton. I’ve been living in the UK for about fifteen years.

How did you … Read More