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Brighton Journal | 21st November 2019

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Take your unwanted technology to Sussex Uni for reuse!

16th November 2018 |

Discover how to put your old phones, computers, and televisions to good use and reduce wasted technology in Brighton and Hove.


The University of Sussex invites you to reduce technology waste bring any unwanted tech you have lying around at … Read More

UK’s Leading Female Scientists In Brighton For Soapbox Science

25th July 2017 |

Brighton’s first Soapbox Science will take place on Saturday the 29th of July, from 1-4pm.

Leading female scientists from across the South-East will be at Brighton’s seafront for the afternoon to answer questions and discuss, debate and demonstrate their research.

All … Read More

The Best Sports Medicine Technologies for 2017

8th June 2017 |

Advances in technology have created a better, more easily enjoyed life for the vast majority of people – the greatest advances in technology have come over the internet, and so have been focused on the ways in which people interact … Read More

Words That We Have Technology To Thank For

7th June 2017 |

Technology has brought us lots of things: phones, televisions, Facebook, the ability to shop online… The list really is endless. Another thing we have to thank technology for is our ever expanding language. So we thought we’d find out about … Read More

Smart Home Design And Technology Trends For 2017

5th June 2017 |

Home automation has now become so popular that nearly half of all people who are updating their home incorporate it into the design, in some form or another. The technology for home automation has become so sophisticated that people are … Read More

Good News! Well-loved Brighton Shop Opened Again

2nd March 2017 |

Dean’s TV & Electrical shop on St James’ Street has re-opened its doors to the public after an absence of more than a year.

The shop had to close its doors in October 2015 when the long-time proprietor of the store, … Read More

This Sussex Woman Claims she’s Allergic to Wifi

8th February 2017 |

43-year-old Rachel Hinks has quit her job, left her home, and started living in a shack – all to get away from Wifi.

The Chichester-based therapist claims to suffer from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), a much-debated condition which is currently not … Read More

Don’t Risk All to ‘Catch ’em All’ on Pokemon Go

13th July 2016 |

The latest mobile craze has hit the streets, quite literally. Pokemon Go, a free-to-play augmented reality game based on the Pokemon franchise, has caught the imagination of Android and iOS users all over the world, with early figures suggesting the app … Read More

Europe’s Leading Game Development Conference comes to Brighton

29th June 2016 |

Perhaps harshly overlooked with snobbery and arguably something of a forgotten art form, video gaming is worth hundreds of millions of pounds and in July, the industry will assemble right here in Brighton.

Over 1,800 developers will congregate for a … Read More

Brighton Fringe Steps Into 3D

29th March 2016 |

Brighton Fringe have always been one step ahead so it’s no surprise that they have given their programme a digital upgrade. A brand new 3D app for your smartphone will be your guide to the Brighton Fringe this year, and … Read More