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Brighton Journal | 17th November 2019

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Partial Solar Eclipse Seen In UK

22nd August 2017 |

Stargazers in the US witnessed a total solar eclipse yesterday, the last one took place in 1999.

This means the moon would completely cover the sun for a few moments blocking its rays.

Viewers in Kentucky witnessed this phenomenon for … Read More

Brighton Is Named Most Entrepreneurial City In The UK

18th July 2017 |

Instant Offices analysed data which compared the rate of business growth with population estimates, and found that Brighton is the most entrepreneurial city in the UK.

London the UK’s capital ranked 12th place, coming after cities like Manchester, Birmingham and … Read More

Brighton Declared 7th Best LGBT City In The World

6th July 2017 |

According to Nestpick Brighton has been ranked the seventh best LGBT city in the world – now that’s pretty impressive…

Brighton wasn’t the only UK city on the list though, beating it by two places at number 5 was London, which might surprise some … Read More

Are Students Costing Sussex Councils Millions?

27th June 2017 |

Exemption from paying council tax for students is reportedly costing Sussex councils £11 million. People are calling on student landlords to pay up for council tax after figures have shown their exemption is costing the public purse a pretty penny. Figures … Read More

The 7 Best Things About Summer In Brighton

21st June 2017 |

Last week we brought you the 7 worst things about living in Brighton in Summer, but this week we’re back to our usual positivity telling you the 7 things that we love about living in our seaside city in summer!

1. It Feels … Read More

The 7 Worst Things About Summer In Brighton

16th June 2017 | 1

Here at the Brighton Journal, we’re the first to sing Brighton’s praises, but that doesn’t mean it’s entirely without fault. The arrival of Summer brings many blessings to our shores, but with it come some sacrifices. Here are the 7 … Read More

23 Things You’ll Relate To If You’re A True Brightonian

6th June 2017 | 1

With so many unique characteristics, there are many rites of passage to confirm your status as a true Brightonian. How many of these can you relate to?

1. There are too many pubs to consider any of them your ‘local’. … Read More

Why We Love Living By The Seaside (And You Should Too!)

5th June 2017 | 1

Summer is upon as and it’s making us appreciate the jewel in Brighton’s crown more than ever – the beach. So we’re here to tell you why we love living by the seaside so much and why you should too!

Read More

20 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Brighton

5th June 2017 | 1

Home to so much music, film and culture, there is many a fun fact to be told about Brighton and we’re here to tell them. Here come 20 surprising facts about Brighton you might not know!


Okay so … Read More

The British Sound Project Festival – Featuring Brighton’s TOY

5th April 2017 |

One of the UK’s biggest indoor music festival is back again this year at Victoria Warehouse, Manchester.

The British Sound Project was a big hit last year with established artists and breakthrough acts such as Eliza and The Bear, Primal Scream, … Read More