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Brighton Journal | 10th December 2019

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The social influencers of Brighton

9th July 2019 |

Meet some of Brighton’s top influencers

Jessica out of the closet

Jessica out of the closet, a.k.a Jessica Kellgren-Fozard is a disabled TV presenter, blogger and Youtuber. Jessica takes an interest in vintage fashion, on her Instagram … Read More

Workouts You Can Do From Home

15th August 2017 |

The new craze is all about going to the gym and lifting weights, but what if you don’t have time or the money to go to the gym? If you only have 15 minutes before work in the morning these … Read More

Brighton Boy PewDiePie is in Big Trouble Over His Anti-Semetic Video

14th February 2017 |

Brighton-based vlogging sensation Felix Kjellberg is in double trouble. In the space of a week, he’s been been ditched by Disney-owned Maker Studios and had his reality show cancelled by YouTube.

The drama follows on from a video posted on 11 … Read More

Watch: Marzia Shares Her Love for Brighton

10th February 2017 |

Youtube sensation Marzia Bisognin is best known for her cutesy videos about her unique wardrobe, adorable pugs, and dates with her Youtube-famous boyfriend Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (better known as PewDiePie). The 24-year-old went for something a little different this week, … Read More

The Nine Biggest Time Wasters On Youtube That We Secretly Love.

13th July 2016 |

Watching Gamers

This one applies to those 90s babies and onwards. Don’t deny it a large portion of you have been there. Got a new game can’t find your way out of a level? It’s all too easy to google … Read More

Filmmaker Celebrates Brighton’s Local Musicians – Brightunes – Interview

4th March 2016 |

Hi, who are you? I’m Pilar, I’m a music composer, music teacher and filmmaker.

What is Brightunes? Brightunes is a way to show people around the world, through the internet, how many amazing musicians are in Brighton, and how much talent is … Read More

‘People aren’t like they are in the movies, some of them don’t want to kill you’ – When Bjournal Met Joe and Caspar

8th December 2015 |

What do you get when you let two famous YouTube stars film themselves going on a roadtrip? Pure entertainment of course! Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee star in their very own feature length film that sees them travelling across Europe … Read More

YouTube Famous – The New Wave of Celebrity

4th November 2015 | 3

YouTube has always been a platform for a variety of people to express themselves, but in recent years some have managed to create a career for themselves by becoming ‘YouTube famous.’

From creating weekly videos on hair/makeup tutorials and displaying … Read More