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Brighton Journal | August 23, 2019

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Taylor Swift Launches Fashion Line

Taylor Swift Launches Fashion Line
Hannah Midgley

Ever wanted to dress like Taylor Swift? Of course you have, except now, instead of dreaming and wishing you can actually make your dreams of dressing like Tay Swift come true!

It’s Hong Kong fashion week, and one of the most talked about lines of the week so far is that of Taylor Swifts China-based clothing line with Heritage66, which debuted on Monday. The verdicts are in, and people are both pleased and puzzled.

For one thing, it’s not as high-end as people were expecting, particularly as it had its first run during a fashion week which is very typically high end clothing. There are a lot of t-shirts, jumpers and overalls, many of which have her name plastered over them. Another thing is the fact that well, she has her name plastered all over them. There are also t-shirts bearing the lyrics to her hit ‘Shake it Off’ as well as the name of her most recent album, 1989. There is a variety of garments, there doesn’t appear to stick to any one season, with the models wearing crop tops to jumpers. The line looks like it’s been taken from Tay’s own wardrobe, she’s even been snapped wearing some of the items from her own line.


It was reported that the line launched in China to try and stop all of the fake Taylor Swift products (Taylor pretty much tried to trademark everything related to her, including ‘Party Like it’s 1989’ and ‘This Sick Beat’) as well as to cater to the hard-core Swifties. It’s hoped that other retailers in both China and countries worldwide will pick it up, which they inevitably will because it’s Taylor Swift and she’s basically on her way to world domination.

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The models bounced around the stage to the soundtrack of Taylor’s hits such as ‘Blank Space’ and ‘Bad Blood’ and Kate Leigey, chief operating officer of Heritage66 said that the line is seeing “phenomenal” success. She said “We realised the demand was just incredible for the store business and we decided to do this show”. Though Taylor Swift didn’t attend the fashion show, she was definitely there in spirit. Unfortunately, the line is only available in China but if you’re willing to pay for the shipping, you can find it here.

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