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| December 11, 2018

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That Perfect One Is Hard To Find

That Perfect One Is Hard To Find
Elin Arnar

Why are we struggling to find a relationship these days? It should be so much easier with all the online apps and dating sites out there. So many books are being written on how to find the perfect partner. The problem is, as humans we’re never happy with what we’ve got. The saying: ‘The grass is greener on the other side’, has never been as relevant as now when it comes to dating.

I thought when online dating came out, many people would easily find the person of their dreams because people didn’t always have much of a conversation with each other in clubs or pubs. Also you didn’t always find somebody you would fancy at the event you where at. With online dating, you have hundreds of choices of people you can chat with. The problem with that is, the more choices you have, the harder it is to make a decision. Temptation also plays a big part these days for example when you really like someone and things are starting to go well, then some very good looking guy/girl text you and suddenly you wonder if this would be a better person for you.

If you are always going to try and find something better, you will be searching for a VERY LONG TIME in your life. My advice is, appreciate what you have and who you’re with. I have seen a lot of people leave their partner for what they thought was a better person, just to find out it was a far less compatible person.

If you’re looking for that perfect one in your life, don’t speak to 4 or 5 people at once. Two people at the same time should be your max. If one of them disappoints you, then you can swap them for somebody else. Also my best advice is, if you’re busy going on dates or speaking to 2 different people. Stay off the online web sites. You will just get more and more confused.

This is a very confusing time in the dating world, because nobody really showed us how to do online dating. So make it as little confusing as possible for yourself. Get a couple of girls/guys you like to speak to. Go on dates and see what happens. If it doesn’t work out, then just find 2 new people that you like chatting with and possibly go on a date with.

Happy Hunting

Hank Moody

Featured image by Hugo Bernard