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| December 14, 2018

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The Art Vending Machine Gallery comes to Brighton

The Art Vending Machine Gallery comes to Brighton
Sean Lewery
  • On April 12, 2017

If you want to experience something really unique whilst sipping on your cocktail this week, head down to Patterns on the seafront.

The bar will host an art gallery on Thursday 13th April, but here’s the twist: the artwork will be sold out of vending machines!

The new exhibition will celebrate ‘affordable and accessible art’ and is the gallery’s first trip outside of its native London home.

The project is focused on bringing art out of traditional spaces and into venues more reachable to the general public. Prints will be up for sale at £20 a piece, to be collected from one of the mechanical art dispensers.

Art Vending Machine

Credit: The Art Vending Machine Gallery

Works from over 35 local and London-based artists, including Brighton Artist of the Year-nominated Sophie Abbott, will be featured in the gallery. Their work is based on the theme of ‘Views’ and the organizers hope that this project will attract more people from outside of the typical art demographic.

Shopie Abbott - Sunny beach

Credit: Sophie Abbott ‘Sunny Beach’

Martin Butler - Aliens built the Pyramids

Credit: Martin Butler ‘Aliens built the Pyramids’

Hannah Swelim, one of the creators of the event, said: “Brighton, the city that celebrates individuality and positivity welcomes everyone’s views. Inspiration can come from anything from politics to sexuality or even something as simple as the view of the sea from your bedroom window. Whether you look out or look down. Come see how our artists for The Vending Machine Art Gallery in Patterns, Brighton see the world.”

_DSF8678 (1)

Previous events have attracted many

The first art vending machine event in London attracted more than 800 people and featured work from artists all across Europe. The unique blend of a friendly atmosphere and an interesting concept attracted many people not normally associated with the gallery scene.

The launch event will be held between 6.00 pm and 9.00 pm, with live DJs providing a soundtrack up until midnight.

_DSF8687 (1)

The event is free so you don’t need tickets, and there’ll even be free beer at the event!

More information can be found by visiting the Gallery’s Facebook page.

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