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| November 19, 2018

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The Best Juice Bars in Brighton

The Best Juice Bars in Brighton
Holly Martin

In the modern day, juice isn’t just for children. It doesn’t necessarily mean those cartons of diluted apple juice that have enough sugar in them to make your teeth hurt. Juices have become a big part of living a healthy lifestyle and it seems you can’t go too far into a lifestyle website without finding at least one juice recipe (sorry about that). Juice bars are starting to take over coffee shops and some are even looking as sophisticated as the bars that sell a totally different kind of juice. Brighton are always quick off the mark with the latest lifestyle trend so you won’t be surprised to find that there’s a fair few juice bars in Brighton. Here are some of Bjournal’s favourite juice bars.

42 Juice: This is the juice bar that looks like an ordinary bar. 42 Juice has two juice bars, one in Market Street in Brighton and one attached to SIX, in Hove. They sell juices, smoothies, hot drinks and alkaline water. They also sell cleanses, juice boxes and supplements. As if they aren’t already perfect, the juice bar at SIX also sells organic cocktails, perfect for the conscious drinker. Why not treat yourself to a Matcha Martini? Or how about a Whisky Chai? Best.Bar.Ever.

YouJuice: Situated at Montpelier Place, YouJuice do their own smoothies, immunity shots and nutmilks, which are totally unique and delicious. They are also stocked at The Float Spa and Be-Yoga in Haywards Heath.

Guarana Bar: Pop down to Sydney Street in the North Laine to The Guarana Company and try some of their delicious smoothies and juices. Originally set up to supply a diverse range of premium guarana based products from Brazil they now offer high quality, ethically traded superfood and superfood-blend products. Once you’ve finished browsing their incredible range of food, pop upstairs to their lounge and enjoy one of their fantastic juices. They also have the longest plant in Brighton, so that should definitely persuade you.

Lovefit Café: You may have noticed this juice bar on the way to and from the train station as it is usually full of health conscious Brightonians. The Lovefit Café is the UK’s original gym food restaurant and has an extensive range of delicious high protein food and drinks. Their range of food is amazing, from low-carb to some great veggie options. Of course, they sell a wide range of juices and smoothies as well as protein packed shakes and smoothies.

Juice Revolution: Part of Veg Revolution, Juice Revolution can be found in the forecourt of Brighton station (so there is no excuse to buy that pasty). After watching a movie called Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, Tom & Gareth chose to go on a fast, only drinking vegetable juice for days at a time. They experienced significant health benefits and have since decided to share the health benefits with the members of the public.


Holly Martin

feature image belongs to Shahir Salyani

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