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Brighton Journal | 7th December 2019

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The ‘CAGER RAGE TEST’ How Much Do Car Drivers Rile Up Motorcyclists?

The ‘CAGER RAGE TEST’ How Much Do Car Drivers Rile Up Motorcyclists?
Hannah Midgley

There has always been an age old debate as to whether car drivers bully motorcyclists or if motorcyclists are the ones who are guilty of intimidation themselves. Now, as the majority of road users are drivers of cars we’ve recently taken an interest ourselves here at Brighton Journal as to what it’s like to be a motorcyclist on our roads. Personally, I know little of what it is like to ride a motorcycle especially as my days of cycling, which in many ways is a very poor comparison (sorry to all you true bikers!) are very much in the past.

Ever wondered what riles up motorcyclists? Jennings Motor Group have put together an online survey for measuring your scale on their very own ‘Cager Rage Test’. The test which is actually a short survey is aimed at motorcyclists themselves as it asks them how riled up a number of different situations would make them. Personally, I found it very interesting as being a car driver a number of the situations had never even crossed my mind.

Question two explains a scenario where a driver uses full beam headlights which in many cases would leave a motorcyclist dazzled. It’s argued the motorcyclist believes they are fully visible without the aid of full beams. However, from a car driver’s perspective one would argue it is impossible to always see a motorcyclist in some conditions without full beams. So, who is in the wrong? The Cager Rage Test would certainly suggest it is more a problem to the boys on bikes than those struggling for vision in their car.

Are full beam headlights really needed to spot motorcyclists?

Are full beam headlights really needed to spot motorcyclists?

The test was as interesting for me as a car driver as I imagine it to be for a motorcyclist who can relate to many of these situations.  According to this fascinating survey a load of these issues really does rile up those on bikes.

Maybe we have more in common with motorcyclists than we would first imagine? Believe it or not cocky moped users don’t go down too well with motorcyclists too! Yes we appreciate a moped may be your first vehicle but there is no need to rev around thinking you’re Lewis Hamilton. From this quite amusing survey I would infer that it may well be a common thing amongst motorcyclists that those on mopeds are petulant and childish and could definitely do with growing up a little.


At the end of the day car drivers and motorcyclists are very much cut from the same cloth. Yes, we may drive different vehicles and at first seem to be very different in the way we utilise the roads but at the end of the day we’re well prepared and licensed road users unlike those on mopeds or push bikes. The survey made one thing very clear to me, it isn’t about the type of vehicle but he who is in control of it. If you remove your preconceived prejudices with regards to road users and their likely characteristics you’ll find we’re very similar. Poor roads and road conditions annoy us all (how can the government not ensure are roads are safe, level and in good condition!?) and any idiot cutting any road user up is likely to cause offence.

This survey was brilliant for me as a car driver it really opened my eyes to a range of problems that motorcyclists face. This information was relayed in a funny and light-hearted manner whilst really teaching me a thing or too. As a motorcyclist I could imagine this survey to be music to ones ears and in fact a great way of venting frustrations one would have at those ‘idiot car drivers’.

Our friends at Jennings Motor Group have done a great job with the ‘CAGER RAGE TEST’ so go on get involved and let us know how mad ‘idiot car drivers’ make you, or tell us your thoughts about the test as a car driver…

Brought to you by Jennings Motor Group

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