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Brighton Journal | 5th April 2020

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The Disco Bunny Had A Eureka Moment!

The Disco Bunny Had A Eureka Moment!
Hannah Midgley

You may have seen him around town, dancing and spreading joy. His mission is to unite all people despite our differences and to do this with a smile, a touch of disco and lots of positive energy. He goes by the name, The Disco Bunny.

This week he wrote on Facebook about being in debt and running out of money, he had spent the day making a film in Brighton. The next day he woke up after receiving a message from a shop owner in Newquay who had deposited some money into his account.

Following all of this he realised he couldn’t live like this anymore. He said; “My progress is so slow. The execution of my mission, vision and dream to make it a reality is just too painful. The boy behind The Bunny suffers for the sake of The Disco Bunny, and though I love The Disco Bunny, I feel no pride for myself. Not of me.”

This is his solution; he doesn’t want sponsorship. But he is asking for help in the form of a donation or gift to help The Disco Bunny Project in order to help others, maybe make someones day and in return he will give you a personalised video gift costing 10 pounds.

He is aiming to make 10 videos per day, they could be a Happy Birthday, Thank you, Congrats or whatever else from wherever he is in the world.

He is also resuming the Disco Bunny Uk and Northern Ireland Tour potentially expanding it into a world tour. He announced that the first leg of his tour will be in Brighton!

If you want to find out more about him or watch some of his positively enjoyable videos visit his Facebook page here. If you’d like to make a donation you can head over to his website.


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