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| May 22, 2019

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The Eyebrow Game Just Got a Lot Stronger

The Eyebrow Game Just Got a Lot Stronger
Holly Martin

2015 was the year of the eyebrow. Whilst that may sound ridiculous to some of you, it will sound all too familiar with those who have spent hours trying to get their eyebrows ‘on fleek’ (I don’t know what that means either I saw it on Twitter). It seems that a strong eyebrow game is also key in 2016, but there might be something to make it that little bit easier to get Instagram worthy brows.

Cara Delevingne has serious eyebrow goals

We’ve all had dodgy eyebrows at some point or another, maybe you’ve over-plucked, got a dodgy wax job at a salon or you might just have really sparse hairs, whatever the reason, we’ve all sat there trying all sorts of techniques to enhance our arches. Some have opted for eyebrow tattoos but it is a huge commitment and if it goes wrong…you’re screwed. Others have gone for pencil but if it’s overdrawn it can look super fake, but now there is an answer to both these predicaments, and that’s in the form of eyebrow extensions.

Eyebrow extensions are similar to that of eyelash extensions, and are individual pieces of hair glued onto your skin, along the frame of your brows. The extensions are practically undetectable and are said to blend seamlessly into your real eyebrow hairs. The extensions are said to last between one to three weeks, and can approximately an hour to do. Paying a beauty technician to apply the extensions for you ensures that you can get professionally done extensions and leaves for less room for disaster, but it will set you back a fair amount. If you consider yourself to be an eyebrow extraordinaire than you can buy a Do-It-Yourself kit, but judging by how long it takes, it seems a lot of effort. Watch the video below to see for yourself how it’s done.





Holly Martin

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