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Brighton Journal | 28th January 2020

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‘The Full Monty’ bare all in Brighton on final ever UK tour

‘The Full Monty’ bare all in Brighton on final ever UK tour
Hannah Midgley

The Full Monty stage show is heading to Brighton’s Theatre Royal for one final hilarious and heartfelt production. The much-loved film and theatre classic will be shown for one last time as producers, David Pugh & Dafydd Rogers, present the final ever UK and Ireland tour of Simon Beaufoy’s The Full Monty.

The cast will be led once again by Gary Lucy, who has played the lead role of ‘Gaz’ in the production since 2014. Other names top-billed in the cast include Andrew Dunn as ‘Gerald’, Louis Emerick playing ‘Horse’, Joe Gill as ‘Lomper’, Kai Owen playing ‘Dave’ and James Redmond as ‘Guy’.

Rupert Hill, director of ‘The Full Monty’, discussed the advantages of having acted in the production before: “I don’t need to reinvent the wheel in every scene but there are things that I want to explore. The main thing for me was that all the female characters felt a bit secondary, so I am trying to make the relationship between the couples to be more meaningful and integral to the story.”

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Joining the male frontrunners will be Liz Carney as ‘Jean’, Amy Thompson as ‘Mandy’, Bryonie Pritchard as ‘Linda’, and Keeley Fitzgerald as ‘Sharon’. The production has been well-received since its adaptation to stage in 2000, featuring iconic songs from the film by Donna Summer, Hot Chocolate and Tom Jones.

Originating as a screenplay written by Oscar-winning Beaufoy, The Full Monty tells the story of six unemployed men from Sheffield who decide to form a male striptease act, but with a unique twist, to strip all the way down. This is to raise enough money and for the main character, Gaz, to be able to see his son.

Mr Hill also discussed how he set the cast homework to understand the cultural make-up of the film: “I got the cast to watch the Ken Loach film Raining Stones. It was the film that inspired the Full Monty – they wanted to make a film that Ken Loach characters would watch. I think that’s one of The Full Monty’s strengths and it is unbelievable how relevant that film and our show feels now; payday loans, unemployment and anger at society.”

‘The Full Monty’ will be shown at Theatre Royal Brighton Monday 21st until Saturday 26th January 2019. Tickets are available to purchase from ATG tickets here.

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