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| January 21, 2019

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The Importance of Komedia

The Importance of Komedia
Tom Bull
  • On June 14, 2016

There is a reason that Brighton’s Komedia  has been voted the best venue in the south a record 13 times. It’s not the nachos, it is the fact that Komedia relentlessly promotes fresh local talent alongside more established nationwide acts. Komedia’s mix of old and new allows for exciting gigs where the only thing to expect is the unexpected – be that poetry, music, or comedy.


The famous legs. Photo by Jonathan Rolande Housebyfast

Komedia’s calender is never empty, it hosts up to 700 performances every year over two vibrant and versatile performance spaces. But, what really sets Komedia apart from other venues in and around Brighton are their consistently funny cabaret nights Comic Boom, Krater Comic Club and Bent Double.

These nights, that happen once or twice are month, or every weekend in Krater Comic Club’s case, are a reminder that live comedy is still alive and well and Brighton is right at the heart of that.

For a reasonable price Komedia offers the chance for you to go and sit, have a drink or some nachos, and laugh. And in the grey times that we face, Komedia is a great way to escape the everyday and find yourself at the mercy of someone who knows their trade, and knows how to make people laugh.


Credit: Komedia

There is always a mix of experience in the comedians that perform, from seasoned professionals to fresher acts. Komedia are constantly exposing new talent and giving them the chance to perform at a venue that consistently wins awards for being the best night in Brighton. There is also the chance to see local Brighton comedians such as Sean Walsh or Zoe Lynn in their hometown. In the next month alone there are over 30 comedians performing as well as new and exciting music, so there is no excuse not to go and support local acts looking for their break.

Komedia is one of the most important venues in Brighton. It gives chances to artists to perform on a famous stage to sell out crowds week in week out, and it gives sell out crowds the chance to go and be entertained for a few hours in an environment removed from drama, the only thing to do is to laugh.

The cabaret nights at Komedia showcase the best in live comedy, from observational to one liners to musicians there really will be someone who takes to that stage that will suit you. Between that and the generous drinks deals, there really is no better place in Brighton to forget about whats going on and go and laugh, something people don’t get the chance to do enough.

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