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| January 16, 2019

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The Pink Fringe at the Marlborough Theatre

The Pink Fringe at the Marlborough Theatre
Holly Martin

After months of line-up announcement, teasers and countdowns, the Brighton Fringe Festival is finally here! Sort of, it’s next week but we can start getting super excited now! There is so much happening, including the Pink Fringe held by the Marlborough Theatre.

The Pink Fringe aims to “challenge perceptions around diverse work, specifically art created by and about queer & LGBT people, placing it in multiple contexts, some familiar, some new and unusual, with the aim of attracting new audiences.” Each year since 2011 the Pink Fringe have presented work within the Brighton Fringe and produce theatre, cabaret, comedy, dance, immersive art and entertainment.

There are a range of things on for the Pink Fringe this year including ‘The Daily Grind’ by Laurie Brown which is a solo show exploring the ‘consequences that dating apps, image sharing and instant communications have on our everyday lives’ and ‘Funeral Doom Spiritual for Male Soprano Piano & Electronics’ by Negrographic Productions which is a live music show mourning for what Antony Paul Farley calls “the motionless movement of death through slavery, segregation and neo-segregation”

The Pink Fringe are also hosting ‘The Safety Map’ which is supported by the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner. Over the course of three days, the safety map is a ‘rooted response to anti-social behaviour faced by LGBTQ people on the streets of Brighton & Hove’ and aims to highlight the huge concern of unreported crime in the community. Participants are invited to share their experiences and at the end of the three days the safety map will become a representation of LGBTQ safety in the city. The safety map is being led by Kate Shields, a multi-disciplinary artist who focuses on the figure, the body and how it relates to gender and sexuality and Rosana Cade, a performance maker and artistic organiser whose work is firmly rooted in queer discourse. The safety map will be at the Marlborough Theatre from this Saturday (April 30th) until Monday May 2nd. You can find out more about the Pink Fringe here.


Holly Martin

feature image: Quinn Dombrowski

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