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| November 14, 2018

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The Sunniest Cafes in Brighton

The Sunniest Cafes in Brighton
Tom Bull
  • On July 1, 2016

The sun is shining, England are already out the Euros so summer must be here. It is now time for visitors to come from far and wide to experience our city and take in our sights, so what better way to avoid the crowds this summer than by stopping and having a coffee in one of the best cafes in Brighton.

Brighton is of course known for having an abundance of independent and original coffee shops, from the quirky to the ultra traditional. What will seperate these establishments this summer, like any pub or restaurant, is the outside seating area. Brighton is a summer city, so we’ve rounded up the cafes we think have the best seating for taking in the sun over the next few months – or as long as the sun is out anyway.

flour-pot-ElmGrove-2-1 (1)

The Flour Pot on Elm Grove is one of a number across Brighton

The Flour Pot chain has really made a name for itself over the last few years in Brighton. There are number of the independent bakeries in the city centre, but the one situated on Elm Grove boasts a small decking outside that offers superb views of the city and the sea. The bakery serves handmade sandwiches as well as fresh pastries and cakes, perfect to go with one of the coffees that helped build the chains reputation in the centre of Brighton.


Rotunda Cafe has load of outdoor seating. Photo via Brighton and Hove Independent.

Rotunda Cafe: Situated in the heart of one of Brighton’s most vibrant parks is Rotunda Cafe. In the middle of Preston Park sits this cafe, with an abundance of outdoor seating which will be great now that the “summer” is here. The cafe offers views of the lawns and the tennis courts and is a great way to really take in where you are in Brighton. Preston Park has a lot of history having been open since 1884 and this cafe is the perfect way to take a break from all the walking and enjoy a cup of coffee as you relax in the historic grounds.

Barefoot cafe

The Barefoot Cafe via Yellowave Beach Sports. Perfect this summer.

Barefot Cafe – Yellowave Clubhouse Walking along Madeira Drive you will be greeted with dozens of food establishments. What sets Barefoot Cafe apart from the rest however is it’s view of the volleyball courts, the beach and the pier. From this well decorated Cafe you can see across the entirety of Brighton Beach, which in the sun is a hard view to beat. The menu is varied from breakfasts to sandwiches to salads and soups as well as BBQ options. Enjoy a coffee or a glass of wine on the outside decking whilst you take in the sun and pretend you are in the South of France.

bucket and spade cafe

The Bucket & Spade is on the promenade, right by the i360.

Bucket and Spade Cafe: As a part of the Victorian seafront arches, the Bucket and Spade Cafe has an ideal location on Brighton beach. Again, there is loads of outdoor seating and you couldn’t get much closer to the sea if you tried. All the food served is locally sourced and there is even a kids menu to satisfy any little ones looking for a break from the beach for something to eat. The cafe is noted for it’s friendly staff and milkshakes. Boasting a great view of the West Pier, this cafe would be great in the sun if you’re down on the beach.

brighton cafe rouge

Cafe Rouge offers great views of the Marina. Photo via Visit Brighton.

Cafe Rouge at Marina is a chain cafe but the it’s view of the Marina has earned it a place on this list. Looking out over the dozens of ships, this small cafe offers something different to those located in central Brighton. Sitting on the decking held up over the water, this is a relaxing and different environment to enjoy yourself and take in the sun this summer. There is loads of outdoor seating so there’s no shortage of places to enjoy your food. Cafe Rouge’s menu is extensive and offers a broad range of foods in a cosy atmosphere, really worth going to this summer.

Feature image via Bucket & Spade.

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