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| November 19, 2018

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This Brighton Club Is Hosting a Night Dedicated to Nazi Punching

Nazi Punch

A Brighton club will be hosting a night dedicated to ‘Nazi punching’ later this month.

Fash Bash Bash: A Night of Nazi-Punching on Film arrives on 24 February and will feature a screening of clips from cinema history of Nazis getting punched in the face.

It’s all inspired by the now infamous video of White Nationalist Richard Spencer getting punched in the face at Donald Trump’s inauguration, which was shared thousands of times online.

The clip has become an internet sensation, being endlessly remixed and re-shared.

The video has raised debate about the ethics of using violence when trying combat extreme ideologies.

The night is being hosted by campaign group Can Fascism Not and all money raised will go to a charity which has yet to be selected.

Organisers said: “The new inquiry put on the original night in Brooklyn last week, so we got in contact with them and decided to do it in Brighton because as we gauged from the huge turn out at the Trump demo, people are anxious about the rise of fascism and what better way to alleviate that anxiety than to have a fun night watching Nazis get punched?

“Humour is invaluable in times like these.”

The event will take place at London Road’s Cowely Club Entry costs £3.

Apology: a previous version of this article incorrectly said that the Fash Bash Bash is being organised by Brighton Anti-fascists. In fact it is being run by a group calling themselves Can Fascism Not.

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